Purpose: Why am I here?

Hello everyone,

This video has been a long time coming.
I hope you're able to learn from it.

As you might be able to tell, I had a lot more to say, but I decided to keep it short and sweet.

Please leave questions, comments below.

And if you believe you've already found your purpose, I will be interested to know how that happened.

With love,

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Career Series #1- From Selling Popcorn to Finance Director

Hello everyone,

In this video, I share some tips about getting on the career ladder and how I went from selling popcorn in a cinema to being a Finance Director in the space of five years.

If you have any specific questions regarding career, just let me know.
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Thank you for watching.

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Sex! What About it?

So I made this video in May this year, but I'm only getting round to posting it now.

I've actually been really hesitant about posting it for various reasons.
But here it goes.
I pray it blesses you.

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As I rode on the train to work, I was deep in thought and I spoke my heart out to God.

I told Him how I felt.
I told Him how I want Him to be my closest confidant.
I told Him I know He's with me but I would love to sit with Him and see Him.
I told him I want Him to be able to give me a hug after listening to me.
I opened my life manual (the bible) and read  His words to me again. I realised that one scripture that He had given me some weeks earlier was still very applicable to how I was feeling right then.

I'm realising that no one and nothing can ever really take the place of God in my life.
He's the one that can go to the depths of my being and feel exactly how I feel.  There's absolutely no husband/wife, no family, no friend, no pastor, no therapist that can feel exactly how you feel and know exactly when you feel it (I hope that didn't confuse you?).

It's a great feeling and it's great comfort to be able to run to God at anytime of the day (considering that He doesn't sleep), lay at His feet to say 'I need help', 'I want to talk', 'I'm hurt', 'I messed up' or just lay your heart bare and cry if you must. He's never going to think any less of you as humans may be prone to. In our weakest and vulnerable moments, it's quite difficult for other humans even the ones closest to us to see past us at that time. However, God on the other hand created us, so all He sees in us is excellence because all the works of His hand are excellent. As a matter of fact, we function best when we're God-dependent, so when we rely on Him and rest on Him, we're just being the children that He expects us to be- John 1:12-13

So as you go on in life, don't neglect God. No one and nothing can ever satisfactorily substitute the role He plays in us.

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My Salvation Story

Hello everyone,

In this video, I share my salvation story which began on 8th February, 2010. I also share about the very first time God spoke to me.

I pray as you listen to this, the Holy Spirit speaks to you as well.

Be blessed.


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