The Bridal Train

Beautiful piece written by a dear friend of mine. Be blessed...

The Church, Christ’s Bride as in Ephesians 5:22-25
                It has been on my mind lately, an undying thought filled with pending questions.  This pursuit of the Truth, The Way, The Life... is it personal or is as part of a team- a tag-team? Glory to God, I have witnessed an up rise in the number of youth in pursuit of God, developing a yearning for Him.  But sometimes, I ask, “Are we doing this because others are?” “Has Christianity become trendy?”
               I was on my way to Weekend Away- a youth fellowship in Derbyshire and on the bus I began to write about the “The Bridal train”. It seems many are just being swept by the wave and have not truly valued this gift of salvation- Only someone who knew he was drowning and about to die would appreciate the duty of the Life-guard. Yes, to some, it began as a trend, a fad, pressured by friends to try it. So they did.
The Bridal train has in it many who are very uncertain in their faith, it’s like they are on a train and at every stop , they look around to see if anyone else is getting off and if not, they stay on. This can seem encouraging from a less cynical point of view, but to another these people are just following not even sure where this train is taking them to. Yes, the driver of this train is our Saviour, Jesus.
The Church is Christ’s bride and it seems like there are many more people cramming into the Standard coaches than First Class, with good service and where you have a relationship with the Helper during your ride. The people in the standard coach are not ready to pay a price, to lead a life worthy of God’s calling because like a first class coach, it’s too costly.
So what we have now are a few forerunners, having only a select few who will face the groom- the golden vessels. The rest of the bridal train walk the aisle, well-dressed but not entirely new creations.  We are ready to see the groom but not willing to make contact with Him because we know that there will be no turning back when that ring has been placed on our finger. We let the select few do the job, we are fully behind them, cheering them and they do the job while we stand back with fleeting emotion- excited but only for a while.
            The Groom always appreciates the Bridal train and He shows this by giving gifts. But only the bride has a permanent supply of her Husband’s property, a joint account, a co-heir to His Father’s throne. The rest of the Bridal train are satisfied with these gifts alone and are not seeking the full entirety of the Kingdom.  And only the Bride will know (be one) with the groom.
As we walk the aisle, we know deep in our minds that we are glad we are not the Bride- yet.  We do not feel ready for the full commitment but we do not mind being in the limelight, we are not ready to give ourselves and our wills away but we still long to be a part of something beautiful.
            The Holyspirit wants to work in us and makes us worthy to be called Christ’s Bride. It’s really hard to submit but when you ask the Holy Spirit to make you knew you submit to His will, just like a bride will. Christianity is no trend, it’s not something you get into because everyone else is, but until you value the work that was done on the cross then you will appreciate why He has sent us the Holy Spirit to complete it. Don’t let others be the forerunners of your Christian life, we are disciples not a tag-team.
“Matthew 10:39- He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it.



  1. this was awesome,read it on my fone cldnt comment had to sign in on my laptop, such insight and as always an inspiration and a reminder dat as believers we have to always be fresh in our spirit God bless u sweetie

  2. God bless u, Tomi?

  3. Yes Evelyn, God bless you too. A friend of mine wrote it and I thought it was too awesome to be

    Hi Richmond; no, I'm not.

    Hello Tope, amen! and u too!




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