The change we need

I think it all started when I saw an episode of the talk show- Inside Out with Agatha. Agatha usually talks about a variety of issues and invites guest speakers. But, on this particular day what caught my eyes wasn’t the three female guest speakers, neither was it Agatha herself. But rather, it was this young man in the audience.
This man, let’s call him Richard, must have been about 24/25 or there about. Although I don’t remember clearly, but I think he did mention something about being a graduate or university student. Richard could not speak good English, but that wasn’t the major problem. It was the whole package- his confidence, knowledge, the whole package really. The way he conducted himself just did not seem to show that he had ever seen the four-walls of a university. I began paying keen attention to all the other members of the audience and they all seemed pretty similar to Richards even without hearing them speak.
That was when I decided we (you and I) had to do something, we have to work with our fellow Nigerian youths. We had to help change that mindset and a few other bad habits. It’s not particularly about how rich or how poor one is, it’s all in the mind. Our mentality and thinking has to change. You were born poor doesn’t mean you have to remain poor, neither does it mean you have to become a “runz girl” as it’s called (more or less means prostitute in my opinion) or an internet fraudster to overcome poverty. It simply means if you believe you can be better off in life, then, you’ll be better off. And you will employ legit means in becoming better off.
I totally understand that the Nigerian environment can be a bit harsh on you in a bid to achieve your dreams, but what you need to remember each time is you can do it. And if you are a christian and you’re reading this, congratulations because you have an assurance of a bright future in God. Jeremiah 29:11 makes us understand that God has a future/an expected end for us. So, why worry?
It’s only now that I’m realising that there’s no mistake with God. Even when we’ve made mistakes in the past and we come to Him today, all things would still work in our favour- the past, the present and the future (Romans 8:28). It’s no mistake that I’m Nigerian, it’s no mistake that I studied where I studied, it’s no mistake that I’m dark in complexion. It all fits into God’s perfect plan and purpose for creating me (yes, He made the decision to bring me into the world at the time He did, my parents were only the vessels He used) and I’m more than happy to fulfil His purpose for me, rather than live someone else’s dream for me. Check out Psalm 139:16 (MSG) The days of my life all prepared before I'd even lived one day. How awesome is that? The days of our lives have been prepared even before we lived one day. For better understanding, read verses 13:16. At the same time, this does not mean we can’t hinder ourselves from fulfilling purpose. It just means if we let Him, we can be sure of a good future
Ok that’s it for now readers. But before you go, do me a favour and suggest ways I can work with youths and other Nigerians alike to create the future we desire. I’m really keen on this.
Thank you for your time!


  1. well done!!! dat great indeed.what do u really want to change about Nigerian youth,however,do u realise its not every Nigerian youth cnt express themselve.its better you kw exatly what u intend doing and as you proceed God shall be ur strenght.Love from Bisi.

  2. Hi dear, great blog. Well done on your work in His vineyard. Keep it up- you will be greatly rewarded. I'd love to feature on ur blog, thanks so much. Please email me interview questions to hollaabi07AT hotmail DOT com and Ill be happy to respond! thanks for taking time to stop at my blog as well. God bless

  3. Thank you for these lovely comments.
    Yes Bisi, I do know that not every Nigerian youth is like that. I'm just very interested in youths,and I'll like to do what I can to help, no matter how little or great it may be.

    @Abimbola Dare, thank you so much and amen. I'll get back to you. Thanks for your interest. On my way to your blog!




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