Eight Reasons why I know God Exists

1. I feel so miserable when I go a day or two without talking to Him at all (yes, I've had those times and they are horrible).

2. Just like we set reminders on our phones, I very often ask Him to remind me of things I'm likely to forget and He always does, without fail.

3. One on particular day when I was locked out of the house, He told me where the key was (I had never seen anyone put the key there, so there's no way I would have thought about that by myself).

4. I speak in tongues and no, it's not me speaking gibberish, if it is, then why did it take so long for me to start speaking the 'gibberish'?

5. He tells me things I didn't know before.

6. I once tried to turn on my laptop, but after several attempts, it still wouldn't come on. Then He asked me to pray and of course it came on right after that (no, it's not coincidence).

7. On different occassions when I was going to fall sick or experience pains in different parts of my body, I prayed them away and they dissappeared (the pain on my left shoulder and the boil on my left leg come to mind now).

8. On one fateful night, I just read 173 verses of the bible (Matthew chapter 7- chapter 11) and I wanted to remember one particular verse that I liked, I asked Him and in His still small voice, He told me the exact verse (it wasn't guess work, because I had no clue where it could have been).

This just goes to show how God is ready to be involved in the big and not so big occurences in our lives. He wants to be involved in our every day decison making such as what to wear, where to go, as well as life-changing decisons like choosing our life partners or the career route to take- Psalm 32:8.

So what are the things you have experienced that make you believe God exists? Please share; they don't have to be eight, they could be more or less. Please don't withold them, it may be someone's last chance of accepting Jesus. I and many others look forward to reading them.

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