From me to You!

Dear Father,

From the very moment You came into my life, my life has not been the same. You came in and gave my life a completely new meaning. You came in and made me realise I wasn't created just to get good grades, get married to an amazing man and have wonderful kids. You made me realise that You have a greater purpose for my life and I wasn't just another female to add to the population of the world.

In these few years that I've started this relationship with You, I have de-railed and gone off-track countless times, but Your mercy says "NO, I'm not gonna let you go", thank you so much My King.

Words can't fully describe how I feel about You and what You've done for me, but You see my heart and You know it all.

It's so awesome to know that You knew me before I was born and planned all my days even before I lived one day. There I was worrying, and thinking my future was bleak, completely forgetting that You, my Master Planner had it all planned out.
I love You, Dad!
With all my love,

Your Precious daughter.


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