Looking to find "The One"- 2

Trisha was only twenty-two years old. She was a ‘normal girl’ as she described herself.  She did the ‘normal’ things girls her age do- club, drink get in and out of relationships for the fun of it and so on. As far as she was concerned, that was a normal thing. She did not particularly like the taste of vodka, red wine or champagne but she drank them anyway. She hated the sweaty arms that always rubbed against hers in the clubs and the smell that came out of those places, but she went anyway. According to her, that was the price to pay to fit into the society of today. 

All along, she had always been a religious girl, went to church every Sunday and even attended mid week services occasionally. As she neared the marriageable age as defined by her, she started frequenting church more. She became a regular face at the singles’ meeting, and other programs organised by the Church. She not only frequented her own local Church, but other Churches, as long as she felt a number of eligible bachelors would be present. 

She wanted to marry a God-fearing man and not just a passive church goer like herself. That way, she felt she would not have to worry about his unfaithfulness, keeping late nights or even have trust issues with him. She wanted a man that they could cuddle up together on a Friday night and not someone that would send her a text at 9pm at night saying “hanging out with the boys at the bar tonight, don’t wait up for me”. As she sculpted her perfect spec for a husband, it never for once occurred to her that she probably wasn’t the kind of lady that man would be looking for.

“Look who we have here?” She heard a voice say behind her. It was Rob.

“Nice of you to come and I’m sure you’ll now agree with me when I said you’ll like the program” he continued.

“You’re right, I absolutely loved it” she replied.  

“Great! Which means we’ll be seeing more of you here?” Rob asked?

“I have my own local church, but I’ve been looking to change churches for some time no. Looks like you were God sent after all”. That was the truth; Trisha had been looking to change churches. According to her, her current Church didn’t have enough eligible bachelors so she wanted to leave. 

Two months on, Trisha had only managed to get Rob’s number and nothing more. 

Rob was a very focused and unassuming young man. With him, what you see is what you get. He had no hidden agendas whatsoever. God was his first love. Anytime, he mounted the altar to lead the worship session, miracles were bound to happen, men, women and even children would be moved to tears as they worshiped their Maker. He was truly anointed.

Trisha had continued to fantasize about him as her future husband. She would link the events that led to their initial meeting as ‘God’s way of bringing them together’ There was virtually nothing he could say to her that she wouldn’t interpret to mean that he liked her. She was always around him. She would call him just to make sure ‘he got home safe’ after the Youth Fellowship. In all of these, as far as Rob was concerned, Trisha was just a very caring lady. It wasn’t until pointed out to him that he thought Trisha liked him that he started noticing it too. 

The other day at Alex’s birthday dinner, Trisha insisted to sit beside Rob, offered to drop him off as his car was in the garage and even asked herself over to his house the following day to help him give his flat a little make-over. At that point, Alex had casually mentioned it to Rob but he just brushed it off and paid no attention it.

As time went on, Trisha’s crush on Rob became more glaring. Immediately, he took it to the Lord in prayer and asked the Lord if she was the woman for him not because he liked her, but because he did not want her to waste her time or lead her on like Alex had pointed out.

“Hey Trisha, I need to talk to you? Will you be free after service today?” he asked her over the phone that Sunday morning.

“Yes sure, no worries” she responded.

Immediately she hung up, she started guessing and second guessing what it was he wanted to talk to her about. She was convinced it had to do with the fact that he liked her too. She was very nervous and excited at the same time. She even changed her Blackberry status to “This is the day that the Lord has made it and I will rejoice and be glad in it”

“I don’t really know how to say this” Rob started off as they made their way to an empty room after the service. 

“Okay,  here’s the thing, Alex seems to think you like me in a romantic way, is he right?” He blurted out all at once. Trisha wasn’t sure how to respond and she wasn’t sure where the conversation was headed but, she decided to be honest anyway.

Errrm....” she took a long pause. “Errrr, Alex might be right, sort of” she finished. By this time, she could no longer look him straight in the eye, she was so shy.

Wow, in as much as I guessed you’d say this, I was hoping you wouldn’t”. 

She couldn’t believe what was coming out of Rob’s mouth. She had thought he was going to say something about liking her and they should both pray about it. But no, this was totally different from the script she had prepared in her mind.

“I’m really sorry Trisha, but I don’t feel the same way. I only realised you might have felt this way when Alex pointed it out to me. I immediately took it to God in prayer and He said ‘no’. I had to let you in on this right away as I didn’t want to continue “leading you on” as Alex described it.”

“What do you mean as Alex described it?” Are you trying to say you were not aware that you were leading me on? You’d sit beside me at every Youth fellowship meeting, called me at 12.00am on the dot on my birthday and even bought me a gift. You called me from time to time just to “check up on me and teach me the scriptures, we’d go on evangelizing walks together. In fact, I was certain you arranged for me to be paired with you as your evangelism partner” At this point, Trisha was getting a lot angrier

Rob was confused; he wasn’t sure how to react. He did not know whether to apologise or not, ‘cos left to him, he hadn’t really done any wrong. Just as he still gathered his thoughts together and plan his next course of action, Trisha stomped off and that was the last he saw of her. 

Every now and then, he prays for her, hoping she’ll encounter his Jesus sometime soon.

Morale of the story: Be the kind of woman your future husband should be looking for.

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