How Long is Too Long?

Nowadays, people are in relationships (romantic relationships) for quite a long time and for different reasons too. Some, because of the long distance, some because they started quite young,  some because of the numerous break-ups and make-ups in between and others just because they want to see how it goes.

So here's my question, how long do you consider too long to be in a relationship and why?

As usual use the comments box below and personal experiences are very much welcome too.
Look forward to reading from you soon :)



  1. Hi tomi..ummmm personally when I was in my teens, I was in several relationships just for the fun of it...but the last one lasted for over 3years(pretty serious yeah?) I'm older and I hope to get married before I'm 30 so yeah any relationship that lasts 3,4 years...stay blessed!xxx

  2. Hii tomi,first of all,Nice blog. How long you stay in a relationship doesn't determine how successful it is. Some stay 3yrs and d both cheated on themselves secretly. Some stay 2yrs and its Bliss. So, its all about how well not how far and setting your priorities right,,

  3. If the foundation be destroyed...... For me, being in series of relationships for the fun of it at tender ages would aFfect your"serious" relationship later, personally, I don't advice for such. Had a friend like oreofe too and wen it was time to be serious, it affected a lot of her "serious" relationships. So, going into relationships for fun doesn't make sense to me because you hurt people one way or the other but for serious romantic relationships, its not how far but meeting the right one. I'm 25, I'm getting married by september :)

  4. Congrats Ruth. Well to me u should enter a relationship with d view of getting married n put God at the centre of it. U can't know all about a person no matter how long u court. Knowing is a continous process. Courting for four years n stil not married is long, it's not in d longevity but in d foundation ( how sure/well). If for financial reason, activate yr faith n resources will surface.


  5. Thanks for all the comments so far. I'll take it all on board.
    Congrats Ruth, wishing you a happy married life :)

  6. Like I said, when it comes to relationship matters except the ones that are clear in the Bible, I just love to sit and listen. :)




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