Is there a "the one"?

So it's about that time, you're single and you're ready or so it seems.  You see someone and you're thinking could this or this not be it? Or on the other hand, you might have those experiences when someone comes and says "God said you're my wife/husband" and loads of other stories like that.

So here's my question, as a Christian do you believe that there is one special person for you? Is there "the one" person that you are supposed to get married to? Or do you believe we could get married to anyone as long as they are Christian, after all, God has given us free will for a reason?

Please as much as possible, back up your answers with scriptures.

So go on, use the comments box and let's talk. xx


  1. Very poignant issue! I'll share my thots in the course of the week. Well done Tomi!

  2. I've actually always needed clarification on this issue,especially with references from the scripture. Personally though, I don't think there's such thing as a 'the one', as a particular person that God has designated for us. I think that, we can be allowed to see the best in someone and grow to really love that person. I think that it basically all just works together for one's good. Because,if there's a 'the one', how are we expected to know when we've finally met that one person? Or what if the person has married someone else? There are lots of questions from this anyway, and we need clarification. We learn everyday anyway.

  3. I personally do not believe there is such one as 'the one'. If there was, then it would be a messed up cycle as that chain has a very high chance to have been broken. While someone's 'the one' might have passed on, another could be living celibate in Catholic convent or another might be with the wrong person. So you see as logic suggests, it would negate the whole idea of having just one person to possibly hook up with. God cannot be an author of confusion.

    Also, Proverbs 22:18 says 'He who finds a wife, finds a good thing......' Proverbs 31:10 says 'Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies'. A lot of other scriptures suggests that 'finding' someone who is of noble character and good conduct enough for a man to live forever with is the ideal of marriage or relationships. Emphasis of 'finding' actually suggests personal effort of searching and having some set of qualities in mind to look out for rather than waiting on some supernatural orchestration that will bring two people who are solely meant for each other together. Think about it, some people's souse pass on after few months into marriage and they have to re-marry. Does that mean they have lost their 'the one'. All those 'God told me in a vision that you're the one' in my opinion are just blatant over used catch phrases. Peace.

  4. Well, I believe it is something that plays out as you want it to be. Here's what I mean, you have a group of friends, all male, all godly, all well-to-do and some other qualities. All of these guys could not possibly fit into the criteria you require in a husband hence, in that group ther will be 'the one' guy who suits you best.
    Also, there are quite a few of us who use the phrase 'meant to be'. If something was 'meant' that means it was part of a plan. And if there was a plan, it was orchestrated by Someone. I dont know hOw yOu plAN but when I do, there is a master plan and then something else to fall back on if it doesnt go as planned. Therefore, I believe there just might be 'The One' for you.

    Hope I have confinsed you and not covuzed you my dear, lol.

  5. Thanks for all the comments so far. Keep them coming.
    I'll be reviewing them all and do a post on it later :)

  6. tunde olorunnimbe18 March 2013 at 22:48

    i believe in "the one n special person" buh i think d job isn't left to Christ alone buh to u both. I rememba He said he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtains favour from the lord. Hence prayerfully u find one, and ask God to favour you.buh seriously am not a fan of "God told me", i believe in taking steps.




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