Our Confidence is in Christ

A lot of times when people dress inappropriately, use swear words or are in a relationship with someone, it isn't really because they just love to dress that way or they just love to use those words. It is because of underlying self-esteem issues. I'll tell you how.

As a lady, you're going to an event and you appear pretty much nude or you put up a picture on Facebook looking half-naked, why do you really do that? It's simple, you want people to see it and tell you you look good. And whilst it's totally normal (not necessarily acceptable) for us to seek assurance from people from time to time, it's wrong to find our identity through them. Those 50 guys that liked your picture or the countless number of guys that were  checking you out at the party do not know you. God does because He created you. You don't need them to tell you you're beautiful before you 'feel' beautiful. Your beauty is not up for debate, it's factual information from the bible. Go meditate on  Psalm 139:14. How can a perfect God create anything that's less than perfect?

For some guys, the only reason why they started swearing was because of the kind of friends they were hanging out with. And the only reason why they started hanging out with them was because they wanted to feel accepted. Here's the thing, you don't need anyone's seal of approval. Why conform to do world, when you are not of the world (John 15:19). You have been set apart as the light of the world and the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13-16). You are to show people of the world what way to go by the brightness of your light rather than going with what the world deems acceptable.

There are also the group of people who just shut themselves out from the rest of the world. They don't feel accepted they are too timid to talk. They feel like they are not good enough and lack self esteem. I used to be one of them. I had inferiority complex.

 You know when you see people and you think they are so perfect, they are beautiful, go to the best Universities, get the best grades, have the best jobs and even appeared to have the best relationships and you just feel inferior? Yup, I used to be that way.

One thing that has helped me out of it is knowing who I am in Christ. It's having a personal relationship with Him, communing with Him and knowing that I'm not just another statistic in the world. It's knowing my purpose in life.

Here's the thing, it doesn't matter where you've been or where you've come from. It doesn't even matter if those things about your past are self inflicted or not, all that matters is that God can and God will use them to shape a better future for you. Even better, He will make it so perfect that it will seem as though the wrongs you've done in the past were His initial idea.

Finally,  find yourself in God. Your true identity is in God and bask in that confidence. Don't insult God by demeaning your value. You are the work of His hands, His masterpiece!


  1. I've recently been thinking about this. I can totally relate. Although, I wouldn't say I suffered from inferiority complex per se. I think I just had a great difficulty accepting my type of body,I always felt too skinny. These kinds of thoughts can reduce a person's self esteem. When you begin to feel 'Oh,if only I'd her kind of body' or 'oh,If only I was half as fresh as she was'. It didn't take so long to realise though, that you have to first of all, love and accept yourself the way you are (ofcourse,while striving to be a better person) then, would other people 'accept' you. I enjoyed this post :) Sorry for the very long comment. Hope I made a little sense? :D

  2. No you didn't make little sense, you made a lilt of sense.. Very true, we have to accept ourselves first before others can.
    And please feel free to leave comments as long as you want, I shall read it all...lol

  3. I agree completely. Even the people who seem most confident suffer from self esteem issues. Somehow, u find your self wishing u were some other thing as if that would make it all better. Learning to love yourself, unique as your are, and beautiful in the way God created you is liberating. Trust me, its as if you literally walk tall, with your head held high.
    Thank you Tomi for this wonderful post. It ministered to me at a good time

  4. Very true, we literally walk tall and the thing about confidence is people can sense it and they approach you the way you present yourself. I'm glad it ministered to you :)




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