Who is He to you?

Many times we say God is the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, the One who creates all living beings, but do we really act as though that's true? Think about it. I'll ask you a few questions and your answer will determine what you really believe.

You have a job and you know your boss doesn't like you and would be more than delighted to have you fired. That's your only source of income, you have dependants which you cater for and ever increasing bills, so the last thing that you want to see happen is to be fired. As a result, you are constantly frightened, sucking up to your boss and what not. But do you for one moment remember God has the creator of that job and even the boss? Do you remember Him as the one who can shut the door that no one can open and the open the door that no one can shut?

Ok, here's another example. You need some money for something really important. You're 'trusting' God will provide, but at the back of your mind, you feel your family will help you out if no miracle happens. Who are you really trusting in? God or your family? At best, what you've got is hope, not faith. Faith has no plan B. there's no doubt in faith. It's either it happens or it happens. You get my drift?

I just want you to take a moment, evaluate your life and think about who/what you've been dependent on in the past and even right now. Understand that no boss/job/family/achievements holds your life. God does. He actually has the whole world in His hands (Psalm 24:1). You're always on His mind, He's more than capable of taking care of you, if you let him of course.

All things are working together for your good, as long as you're abiding in Him (Rom 8:28). You're life is hid in Him (Colossians 3:3), so trust in Him today and everyday as you walk in His will.
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This is me- 2

"Hey darling,I'm in town, we should hang out this weekend or something. What do you think?- Debz"

Debbie had sent the message before she realised she sent it to 'Yemi 1'. 'Yemi 1' was her ex boyfriend who she had a very messy break-up with. The message was supposed to be sent to Yemi, her childhood friend.

"Damn it, how could I have done that. Oh my gosh, he's ringing back already. What do I do?

Debbie- Hey Yemi, it's Debbie. Sorry that message was supposed to be sent to Yemi Williams. Hope you're good though? I didn't even know you were in town. She said quickly, before even giving him a chance to speak.
Yemi- It's fine, you don't have to explain anything. I understand. And yea, I'm very well, you? Came in a few days back" he responded in a rather matured manner.
Debbie couldn't hide her surprise.
Debbie- Oh wow, you've changed. You sound a lot calmer and laid back. Hmmn, that's nice. I'm doing very well myself. Anyway, it was nice to hear from you again. Have a great night.
Yemi- Thanks, you too.

"Goodness, gracious, this guy's voice does wonders to me. I can't fall into this, I can't". She hid her phone under her pillow and left her room quickly, as though she was running away from her feelings.

That weekend, she met up with Yemi Williams at the cinema.

The Silverbird Cinema was packed full with children, teens and youths alike. After almost every 10 steps, there would be a group of over-excited youths taking pictures with their expensive phones and tablets. Debbie hurried down the foyer in her blue Jeans, pink tank top and her black DKNY bag as Yemi Williams had been waiting for her for over half an hour.

"OMG Yemi, I haven't seen you in like forever. How have you been? Gosh, I love your hair, is it Brazilian and this top, I'm definitely stealing it". Debbie said, all at once. "Wow Debz, relax. One question at a time" Yemi replied as both girls laughed. After about an hour of catching up, they both decided against watching a film and went to have a meal instead.

"I saw him a couple of days ago and yes, he does seem like he's matured a bit. But you know what they say, once a player, always a player" Yemi told Debbie after she had narrated what happened to her. "And you're telling me this because?" Debbie asked rhetorically, "Sweetheart, I have a boyfriend, so don't worry about it." Debbie continued. "I'm not worried, I'm just saying. Plus, I want to believe you haven't forgotten how your two-year relationship with him played out". "Stop it Yemi, I haven't forgotten and I don't need you to remind me. You know what, let's get out of here. I need to rest my head". Debbie answered back. Yemi got the message immediately. She knew there was no way she could get Debbie to change her mind about leaving. She got up immediately, leaving her half-eaten pasta at the table.

"Where have you been Deremi? You said you were going to Paris for a few days and yet Mrs Daniels said she saw you at Hilton Hotel in Abuja?" Debbie could overhear the conversation between her Dad and Mum in the study as she got back home. She moved closer, so she could listen more closely.
"Look woman, the meeting was re-scheduled to Abuja as the minister was in Abuja at the time." Her dad replied.
"But you should have told me dear". Her mum said. "Oh, so I now need to tell you my every move? Well, in that case, I'm going to take a shower, after which I'll have my dinner and then watch Match of the Day on Sky Sports at exactly 10pm? Is that good enough for you?" Her dad asked sarcastically. His voice got closer, so Debbie ran back towards the main entrance, just so it seemed as though she just got in.

She mustered all the strength in her to sound excited as she shouted "hey Daddy" as he got out of the study, slamming the door. "Oh my darling, how are you? Your mother didn't tell me you were back" he said. "Oh really? Anyway, I'm here now. And yes, I'm very well, thank you, yourself? Debbie asked. She noticed her dad got distracted and realised he just got a message on his phone. Immediately, she knew it was one of his mistresses as he got  very fidgety. "Deborah, can we talk later, I have to get in touch with a client now. But yes, I'm okay myself" her dad said. This was not new to her at all. It had happened time and time again. He would ignore his family to attend to his 'clients'. "Clients indeed", she mustered under her breath. "What did you say?" her dad asked as he walked off. Shocked, Debbie said "oh no, I meant we'll talk later". She didn't realise he had heard her.

Debbie went straight to her room, not even bothering to check that her mum was okay. Besides, this argument she had heard between her parents was a lot less heated than they normally are.

"Hey, look who we have here" Debbie said to Yemi, her ex as she ran into him at the car park. He smiled excitedly and walked towards her as they hugged tightly. "Wow, you've changed, but still looking dapper as ever". Debbie couldn't stop herself from giving him a compliment. His dark complexion beautifully complimented his green Ralph Lauren polo and shorts. His six foot frame was to die for. Debbie, always had a weakness for tall, dark guys. That was what attracted her to him in the first place. That was three years ago, when she was taking her A'levels at Bridge House College, Ikoyi. He on the other hand was taking his SAT.

"Thanks dear, you look stunning yourself. Where are you headed?" Yemi asked. "I just came to buy an iPhone charger, mine is broken" she replied. "How about we catch-up over lunch once you're done? I mean, only if it's okay with you" he quickly added. "Yea, sure. Erm, I'll call you once I'm done?" She said. "Yup, sounds like a plan" he replied as they both walked out of the car park.

"And what drinks would you both like with that" the waiter asked. Debbie went first, "a glass of lemonade will do". "A glass of water for me please" Yemi added in a fine American accent. "Ahn, Ahn, you don turn Americanah o." Debbie teased.

After about 15 minutes of general talk. Yemi launched into the reason he brought her out to launch in the first instance.
"I'm really, really sorry about what happened between us, Debbie" he began. "I was young, ignorant and plain stupid, to be honest. The cheating, the emotional abuse and the pain I caused you... I mean, I'm not trying to make excuses or anything. But I just thank God that's not who I am anymore. Jesus has completely changed me". Debbie couldn't believe what she was hearing. "Yemi? Have I heard you right? You? Talking about Jesus? Wow" Debbie interrupted. He smiled as he continued. "Two years ago, I'd have said the same myself, but He completely changed me, you should give him a try too". Even before he finished, Debbie cut him off "err, this is getting aw..kward. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but this convo is a bit uncomfortable for me and I fear if I stay here any longer I'm most definitely going to say something that will offend you or your faith. So let's just leave it at that, shall we?" "If that's what you want, then yes. But my main purpose of coming here was to just to let you know how deeply sorry I am and to ask for your forgiveness. He answered back. "Well, there you have it, you're forgiven. Like I said, I'll have to leave n0w. Do take care of yourself". Debbie said as she got up to leave. "thanks Debbie, you too. Have a safe flight back to London tomorrow". "I will" she replied and walked off.

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This is me- Part 1

"It's not what you think, it's different this time, I promise", Debbie said as she hung up.

Tania couldn't understand it. The last time something like this happened, Debbie had sworn to her best friend it would never repeat itself. Debbie was losing herself, and there was nothing she could do to help her, Tania sighed.

"How does this look? Hot or hottt?" Debbie asked Tania, whilst simultaneously checking herself out in the mirror. 
"Well, that's not good enough, I ne...oh my god, where is that black dress I got from Zara? Oh, thank goodness, there it is. Now this is definitely hottt?"
"Yes babes, it's hottt. Argh, I can't believe you're making me do this. I promised My mum I was off clubbing till exams are over" Tania said in the least enthusiastic voice.
"Please stop moaning already". Debbie finished off.

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Miss_tique- OMG Debz, I'm stealing that dress. xx
iLoveMe- awww, see my babies. You both look hawt. Have fun!
DareyV- and this is one of the many reasons why I miss you :(
Pretty-me-Debz- awww, thanks everyone. Y'all are far too kind *muah*

"Damn it, 12 missed calls. There was a reason I didn't answer it the first 11 times. Arghh." 
"Debbie, my mum has called 12 times, who does that? Gosh, I don't know what to tell her." 
"Grow some balls Tania, she's a continent away. Tell her you were studying at mine and left you phone or just think of something babes" 
"Yea, whatever" Tania hung up.

"L-o-l, I'm only in Nigeria for 2 weeks, I'm sure you'll survive, sweets". Debbie told Frank as  they walked back home from the cinema hand-in-hand. 
"Yea, yea, I'm sure I will. Anyway, what time is your flight again? 8? Cool, I'll pick you up at 4 then. Take care of you babe" Frank finished off as he bade Debbie goodbye

Lagos had not changed one bit. The traffic was still as hectic, the potholes still adorned the roads, the bus conductors still screamed at top of their voices- "one more chance, one more chance, enter with your change o'.
How I love this city, Debbie thought to herself as she sat back in her chauffeur-driven car and tuck into her kindle as Sanusi, one of her drivers drove her home from the airport.

"Welcome aunty, how London? You remember me? Na Lizzy o. Wetin you bring come? The voices of the three maids echoed in her head as they spoke simultaneously, welcoming her back to her Ajah home. Her house hadn't changed much either. The lovely front garden was still well mowed, the massive 6 bedroom duplex still had the same colour theme- green and the house was impeccably tidy.

"Mum, Lagos hasn't changed a bit" 
"What did you expect?" her mum retorted as they hugged each other in a tight embrace.
"How is England, my darling? Still cold? Her mum asked.
"Same ol', same ol' . It actually snowed in Scotland a few days back, can you believe it and it's April already. Oh, why am I even telling you this, you've  refused to visit me for the past six months" Debbie said, sulking.
"Come on, don't be like that darling. I really wanted to, it's just because Sandra was finding it very difficult to settle into College, so I had to be in America, then there's this book I need to finish up, the publishers are literally on my neck and your Father was just as busy" her mum replied.

"Speaking of which mum, where's dad?" Debbie asked. Immediately, her mum's face dropped". Then quickly, as though she remembered something, she put on the smile again and said "he's in Paris on a business meeting, he'll  be back in a couple of days". Her mum had mastered this art of acting or pretence as Debbie called it. Debbie had seen it all through her childhood, through to her teenage years and right until she left for London to study. It wasn't new to her.

"Mum, is Dad at it again? Is it that secretary of his again? Or perhaps it's the the PA this time? But for how long will you put up with this? Debbie continued. "When will you face your fears and come out of this facade you call a marriage"? We're all grown now, we'll understand"

"You wouldn't understand, Deborah. Anyway, I have to get back to work now. You go take a shower and have something to eat. I've asked the chef to prepare your favourite" her mum smiled, as she put on her reading glasses and unlocked her desktop computer.

Debbie's face dropped and the tears flowed freely as she watched her mum continue with the book she was writing. Writing fictional stories was how her mum lived the life she wished for, the life her husband never gave her. It was her only escape from her real life. 

As usual, leave your comments below and let me know what you think. If you like it, come back for more :)
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How long is too long in a relationship? My response

Hi all,

Thanks for coming back again. So last week, I asked 'How long is too long in a relationship?' and I got some responses from my lovely readers, to that I say thank you :)

To start off, I'll like to say that anyone in a relationship should be in it with the intention of getting married to that person. You should go into relationships because 'you know' and not because you are trying to find out if they are The one. With that in mind, it's time to find out how long is too long?

I think my previous paragraph has pretty much answered the question. The thing is, if you go into a relationship trying to 'see how things go' or because everyone is in a relationship or just because you like that girl or guy, you are more likely to stay long in it, because from the start, that relationship has no vision or mission. It's just like driving a car with no destination in mind. If you both know where you're going there's no point in 'wandering' around for so long, only to break up at the end of the day. In order words, go into a relationship for a purpose and the ultimate purpose should be marriage.

Everyone is in a relationship is not a good enough reason to jump on the bandwagon. Time is not on your side is not a reason to get into a relationship? Why not wait until the Creator of time (God) sorts you out?

In my personal opinion, I see no reason why relationships should be going as far as 5,6,7 years and beyond. Understandably, there are exceptional cases and the bible does not give any timescale for relationships, but if you get into one for the right reasons, I doubt that you'd court for that long before getting married. Also longer relationships, would create room/time to fall into temptations. You already love the person, so why torture yourself and test your limits?

In summary, get into relationships for the right reasons, with a vision and a mission and you are less likely to waste time/years.

As always, please feel for to use the comment ps box below for suggestions, questions, queries or any other thing. You can also email me directly @ tomilolalawal@gmail.com

God bless you :)

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