How long is too long in a relationship? My response

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Thanks for coming back again. So last week, I asked 'How long is too long in a relationship?' and I got some responses from my lovely readers, to that I say thank you :)

To start off, I'll like to say that anyone in a relationship should be in it with the intention of getting married to that person. You should go into relationships because 'you know' and not because you are trying to find out if they are The one. With that in mind, it's time to find out how long is too long?

I think my previous paragraph has pretty much answered the question. The thing is, if you go into a relationship trying to 'see how things go' or because everyone is in a relationship or just because you like that girl or guy, you are more likely to stay long in it, because from the start, that relationship has no vision or mission. It's just like driving a car with no destination in mind. If you both know where you're going there's no point in 'wandering' around for so long, only to break up at the end of the day. In order words, go into a relationship for a purpose and the ultimate purpose should be marriage.

Everyone is in a relationship is not a good enough reason to jump on the bandwagon. Time is not on your side is not a reason to get into a relationship? Why not wait until the Creator of time (God) sorts you out?

In my personal opinion, I see no reason why relationships should be going as far as 5,6,7 years and beyond. Understandably, there are exceptional cases and the bible does not give any timescale for relationships, but if you get into one for the right reasons, I doubt that you'd court for that long before getting married. Also longer relationships, would create room/time to fall into temptations. You already love the person, so why torture yourself and test your limits?

In summary, get into relationships for the right reasons, with a vision and a mission and you are less likely to waste time/years.

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  1. Truth be told, except for reasons like education, and a responsible man's ability to put food on d table for two, a relationship shouldn't be too long. However, in our days most of us r in relationships for other reasons apart from marriage, in which case we shouldn't bother how long or short. Key point:Y r we in our relationships?

    1. Exactly. That's the question to ask. Why are we in relationships.
      Thanks for the comment.




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