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Hello people,

What's good? Everything I hope. Anyway, this isn't really like a normal post, but I just thought it would be nice to get to know my readers a lot better. Tell me more more about you (apart from what I might already know, obviously. Lol). What do you do? Where are you from? Hobbies? How you met Christ and any other interesting thing you would like to share. Likewise, if there's anything you want to know about me, feel free to ask :)

Secondly, if there are a questions you want to ask, anything you need advice on or anything you want us to agree together in prayer for, please feel free to message me or just leave a comment below. My email address is tomilolalawal@gmail.com

The whole idea is to get this blog a lot more interactive. So fire away in the comments section below :D

P.s- this is the time for all you silent readers to make yourself known. Lol

Look forward to reading from you.


  1. Hiiiiii!

    What I do: I'm a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Aspiring programmer, Musician (http://bit.ly/shoutabout), and full time Minister of the gospel. I'm also a student.

    Where I'm from physically: Nigeria, living in the US.

    Hobbies: (See above) + reading & soccer.

    How I met Christ: Kinda grew up in it, but I didn't really know Christ and who Jesus really was until I received the HolySpirit in 2005, at a meeting in my High School. Then the Bible made sense to me, and all I wanted to do was study it...lol. The Holy Spirit became real to me, and I started having conversations with God. Yes, you know, the one that created the whole world and you, yah. That God. We still talk. I love our convos!

    Tell me more more about you (apart from what I might already know, obviously. Lol):
    I was a dancer with a group called Sons of Liberty (S.O.L.) in Nigeria for a brief period. We went to shows and stuff. It was an interesting period in my life. They have some videos up on Youtube now, I think.

  2. hello tomi! Like i've been staring at this comment box thinking of what to say, alright here goes: i'm Nigerian as you know, currently living in calabar (totally loving the environment btw) i just love to read- a book that i can't predict how it's gonna end is super perfect for me. Since childhood i've always just known that sundays were the days to get up, get dressed and zoom off to church, i don't think i ever liked/ was eager to go to church for the teaching/worship, I just really liked church days cos afterwards we got snacks and icecream. Or we would just drive to a nearby fastfood. Plus i went to one of those churches that think its a crime to wear pants, earrings, makeup and make your hair look pretty. So i said to myself "if this is who God is" i never wanted to know Him cos what kind of God is He if He looks at me terribly because i have a pair of earrings on? Its not like i'm going around shooting people. But when i was schooling in Malaysia I thank God for the church He led me into,(even when i wanted nothing to do with Him, He said "you are for Me") there was no condemnation whatsoever in this church, it was a place where Christ could be seen in the character of the members. i didn't feel obligated to be a worker in His house i just really loved it and enjoyed doing it. But even then i was struggling with an addiction no one knew about, when i was tired! like really tired of living that life, i called on God and He answered me. He healed me of it, not in one day but one step at a time. That was when i truly knew that God's love for me goes beyond words. Since then i've been in love with Him, everyday i am determined to die to self not through my self-effort but through Him. Everyday i press on in Christ and everyday i'm constantly having intimate conversations with the lover of my soul. I'm for Him all the way, there's no stopping now!

  3. Thanks so much for the responses. I can see you both put a lot of thought into it :)

    Wow CJ, I can't believe you used to be in a dance group..lol

    Odion, glad to hear your salvation story. Keep the fire burning :)

  4. what i do: a law student

    where i am from: lagos and enugu

    how I met Christ: Through the Bible, I was convicted of my sins and desperate to be free from sin and after series of events I have increasingly understood the Gospel and Grace. I would say, it was God who showed me the way, I had no efforts in my salvation. Even faith was from God :)

  5. I'm Ewaoluwa, a Nigerian, live in Lagos buh skul in Ife(Osun state). I'm currently studying geology(rock science like a friend of mine calls it). What else? How I met Christ- wow! Quite complicated. Been going †Φ church all my life. I knew about Jesus. I Was even a chorister! Buh when I really knew Him. Guess dah was lyk 2 year ago. When I was in pre-degree. Bless God for d fellowship I joined. Twas den I knew there was more to Christianity than knowing about Him. It was about believing Him. Accepting Him and what He's done for me in Christ. Glory to God. I went to meet a brother in church. I wanted †Φ have the spirit in me! He then led me to Christ and since then I've been enjoying His grace.
    As for what you don't know about me-well seeing as you don't even know me, I fink all that will do

  6. Thanks for your comments Robyn and Ewaoluwa. Nice to know you both read my blog.

    God bless you


  7. Simi is moi name; Nigerian, living in Lagos, schooling in Ogbomoso Oyo state. Hobbies:photography, writing, reading, playing games, football (the list is endless tho). How I met Christ: like seriously??? I don't think I have a singular story for that cos I grew up in a Christian home. I think I started getting serious with life when my Dad suddenly died in 2004 and I became an orphan (don't pity me peepz) cos I don't LIKE it!

    But I surrendered my life to Christ in 2007 when I failed to write Jamb after travelling to Ibadan to write the exam. It was my third try and I was very frustrated cos my mates were getting into school and my failure to write that exam had condemned me to another year of staying at home. Newaiz, while I my room alone, frustrated and stressed after crying my eyes out, I realized I couldn't do anything meaningful with my life regardless of my potentials. So I just surrendered my life to him that night and told him to take it completely.

    Tho I may not be where I wanna be yet; I'm glad to know I am where I am cos of His grace and I know He'll take me there!!!

    Sorry if I wrote you an epistle x.x




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