New blog segment- OOTD: Summer!

One thing that really gets to me these days is the way people dress. Nudity has become the new trend. It's almost as though people believe you can't look good and fashionable until you show some skin. Even people who are supposed to be christians are joining the bandwagon, forgetting that their bodies are His temple (1 Corithians 6:19) and conforming to the world, rather than being transformed by His Word (Romans 12:2)
In this new segment on my blog tagged OOTD- Outfit of the Day, I aim to show outfits that we as christians can wear and still look good and fashionable without being indecent. I know I'm not the most fashion forward person, but I believe, I do make an effort, sometimes. Lol.
My first feature is a summer collection, hope you enjoy it!

P.S- This first post features just me, but going forward, I'll like you to feature you in it too. So please send me pictures of you looking fashionable and standing for Christ.
A pink floral maxi dress and black bulero
Black maxi skirt with pleats, fitted orange lace top and black fold-over jacket

A white tee, grey jacket and grey jeggins/jeans
A blue printed tee

Shorts and a matching Polo

Black polka-dot jumpsuit and a white bulero

Green blazer, matching earrings and neck-piece

Just a very casual summer look.



  1. The ootd blog with decent clothes is a great idea....because fashion and nudity are becoming pretty synonymous

  2. Yayyyy! Nice idea and your pictures are fine as well.

  3. I'm glad you both like the idea :)

  4. Great idea, i love what you are doing, keep it up

  5. The future woman, who doesn't need to show case half of their body parts before being called beautiful.

  6. This is awesome dear.. Nice pics btw

  7. Thanks for stopping by Uju and Nonye xx




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