Short Story: We're Getting Married 2

It was 8:15am and I had been waiting for Toby to pick me up to his church on that Sunny  Sunday morning. He invited me to the special Youth event at his church in Romford. The event saw all youths take over the church that Sunday and do everything including giving the sermon. At this point, we were still 'just friends' well, kinda. Ok, I'll explain

He had already asked me to be his wife (not even girlfriend) four weeks after we met. In all honesty, that word- wife- scared me. Prior to this, I had always thought I had been preparing myself for marriage and all that was left was for my husband to show up. But when that became a reality, surprisingly, I freaked out. I liked Toby, no doubt and I was certain he was "the one". The Holyspirit had told me this and I even got confirmations through my best friend and my mum, but still, I had not said yes to him. Why, you ask?

Well, I guess a part of me just wanted him to 'work' for it. You know, I wanted to look back 10 years and be able to say I made him wait 3 months before I said yes. You can blame it on my ego, oh yes, girls have egos too. Each time he asks, my response would always be- "I'm praying Toby, I'm praying". After I gave him the same response when he asked last week, he looked straight into my eyes and said in the most romantic voice ever "take however long you want, but just so you know, I'm not leaving". My heart literally melted when he said this.

After waiting about 15 minutes for him to pick me up for church, he finally rang me  "Hey dear, please can you walk to Norwood Junction, we're running late". "Err okay, I'll just change to my flats". I replied as I hurriedly left my house. There was no way I was walking up that hilly road wearing 6inch heels. We got to Norwood Junction about the same time and he sped off as soon as I got into his car.

He explained he had a wardrobe malfunction that morning, hence, his lateness. I took a quick glance at him and said "well, the final product is impressive". "Tee, did you just give me a compliment?" he asked in a rather surprised manner. "Yes or does it not sound like one?" I replied. "Well, no, I mean yes, but this is the first compliment you've ever given me and I mean ever" he emphasised. "Ohh Toby, that's a lie. I'm sure I've given you several compliments" I said as I began thinking hard on one. I couldn't really think of any, so just before he got a chance to ask me to remind him of one, I said "well, maybe not. But that's because you always look good", I said with a cheeky tone. The thing is, with Toby, I had been overly cautious not to give away that I was head over heels in love with him, but then, I think I overdid it and he even began to doubt whether or not I was actually into him at all. "Well, one thing is certain today, I shall be walking extra tall. The most important lady in my life thinks I look good" he said jokingly as we pulled up at Trinity Chapel, his church.

The service was amazing and it was time to go home, but Toby wasn't ready to leave just yet. He wanted to introduce me to his pastor and his wife. It appeared he had told them so much about me and the pastor's wife, pastor Ruth even asked to speak to me privately. She was very friendly, but also asked lots of questions, including when I planned on saying 'yes' to Toby. We both laughed when she said that. "Well young lady, Toby, Pastor and I have all prayed about you individually and collectively and we have peace about it. But don't let that put pressure on you, until you're sure and you've heard God for yourself, don't move an inch, okay?" she advised. A part of me wanted to tell her I was sure and God had spoken to me directly, but I decided against it.  "Thank you very much Pastor Ruth and it's been a pleasure meeting you" I said as we hugged each other. Finally, we were ready to leave.

"So how was the service?" Toby asked as we drove home. "It was brilliant, I enjoyed every bit of it. Well, except for the part when the ladies from your youth group almost killed me with their eyes as soon as they found out you invited me, especially the slim one in the red dress" I smiled. "Hahaha, you're funny Tee" he said. "Wait until I actually tell them we're official" he continued. "And when are you planing on doing that?" I asked with a huge grin on my face. Immediately, Toby pulled over and spoke slowly as he asked "are you...saying we are now...official?" I gave a huge smile and hugged him as I said "yes". With tears in his eyes, he said "let's pray darling, I want us to start this with God".

Save the Date!

Tade weds Toby
Date: 6 December 2014
Time: 10:00am
Where: 123, High Street, Brentwood, Essex. CM14 2CH
RSVP: 07712345678

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  1. Wow wow wow. Ur simply gifted! It's beautiful and I couldn't have asked for a better 'Part 2'... Well done! And is this real so I know when to start shopping? Hahaha ;)

  2. I don't know what you've been drinking these past few weeks, but this is simply phenomenal. I'm ...Wow. I'm wowed. That's the right word. I find myself tryna decide if this is fictitious or real...and somehow, just like the ending of Inception, I don't wanna know. This is magical.

  3. Inspirational.... very creative... I can love to crave for this gift....its captivating (like dont blink till u finish).... weldone dear n if that's d tentative date den It enof time for me to plan to attend. .lolz


  4. Awww thanks everyone, all the comments mean a lot to me. :D

  5. Wow!!!! Dis is so gonna start planning to attend d wedding.*winks*

  6. Interesting. I can definitely relate to the wanting him to 'work' for it part.hehe.

  7. Awww.pls oh, these stories are sooooo(what's the word for it) sooo sweet, are they real?

  8. Awwwwww! As I was reading, I hoped the story would be real lol! Lovely :-)

  9. I loved this.....Christain dating with fun innit....He still worked out to woo his wife....#brilliant

  10. @Frances, no they are not :). Thanks for reading.
    @1 + The One, I'm hoping it will be real as, Thank you very much.

    I appreciate the lovely comments.




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