Can guys and girls be 'just friends'?

Hi everyone,

Hope you're well? This (blogging) is the last thing I should be doing right now. I have a group debate tomorrow morning and I'm supposed to write something towards it, which I haven't done yet. I hope none of my group members see this. lol

Anyway, I just read an article on Bella Naija and that inspired this post. What do you think about this- 'Can guys and girls be 'just friends' and how long for? By the way, when I say friends, I don't mean just acquaintances, I mean like really good friend/close friends. Don't you think at least one party would end up 'liking' the other sooner or later? What are your thoughts? More importantly, what are your experiences?

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  1. This is a really sensitive topic. And I don't think there's a 'one-size-fit-all' answer to the question. It majorly depends on the individuals involved. But to answer your question, yes, a man/boy and a woman/girl can definitely be just friends/tight buddies with no strings attached.

  2. Yes definitely! I have lots of guys who are my close friends and there's 'nothing' attached. So a girl and a guy can be just friends

    1. My dear lady, you have a LOT of guys in your friend zone. review all your friendships and you'll see at least 2 that like you.

  3. Wow, there's no universal answer to this but personally I think the closeness shld be limited because such deep closeness should be reserved for one's spouse. No matter how "no string attached" u think d closeness is, there's always one party that ends up "liking" cos of fondness but most times its not revealed so you keep thinking its a "no string" thing until there's an "accidental" making out. So if you ask me, Yes they can be friends but the closeness should be limited.

  4. Thanks for the responses, much appreciated.
    So from most responses, I gather it's based on maturity? But how many people are actually mature? I'm not talking about those that 'think they are mature. A lot of people are actually not as mature as they think they are.

    I think something really important to think about is our reaction to these 'feelings' and basically not being controlled by them.

  5. Hmmm, quite a sensitive topic but I believe its sooo possible. Talking out of experience thou, I have a male best friend. We've known eachoda for 8 years now and we've been really close( understatement) since we 1st met. We talk bout anything that's everything nd he has all access to my house. My parents even see him as a son and we've never had any issue to compromise the friendship. Yea, with some people it might not be easy, but I guess its all about really knowing each other, trusting nd been sure what the "relationship" is all about. My bestfrnd and boyfrnd have separate roles and they even seem 2 b getting closer than I am 2 my best frnd

  6. Thanks for stopping by Adeola.
    Hmm, you have a male best friend? It's very possible you've never developed any romantic feelings towards him, but how sure are you that he feels the same way. I'm not trying to get any ideas in your head though. But sometimes these feelings are never aired, so it's easy to assume they don't exist, especially when they don't come for you.

    But if truly you both just have platonic feelings to one another, then well done! I think you've both done well. Lol

  7. Nnaaaaahhhh it is IMPOSSIBLE jo :) ! Something about me yeah, is that I am a strong Master of "CATCHING FEELINGS", it comes naturally for me :). The last one happened under 8 days, and i was Drunk in lof with a UK Blogger.. heheh. Real lof oh! Those kind of: if you leave me I go die lof! The babe didnt leave me oh, she RAN for her life. lmao.

    The way a guy thinks is TOTALLY different from the way a lady does, so I dont see it possible for both to be friends on any Basis. Pardon my Old school kinda way, I am what life has made me. :)

    Nice post Bubba, I am liking it more and more here.




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