Just to check up on you.

Hi Hi Hi (Why did I even have to say that three times?). Anyway, how are you doing? and no, that's not a rhetorical question, I really do want to know how you are doing (I'm caring like that *pats self on the back*) and don't just say 'fine' if you're not fine. Why does everyone do that (myself inclusive)? If you're not fine, it's okay to say so sometimes and to the right people too. You know what they say about a problem shared being half solved? Yea, so learn to share.

I on the other hand, I'm doing okay. I've been 'up and down' a little bit, but I'm getting there. For those who don't know, I'm currently doing my masters and that on its own has been a roller coaster of emotions. One day I'm good and I'm like 'yea, this is fun, I can do this' and the very next day I'm like 'how did I get here? Nobody told me what to expect before I got in here'. The funny thing is my friend and I have been going through the exact same emotions, but the good thing about it however is that, usually when I'm down, she's good, so she encourages me and vice versa. But all in all, it is good. One thing I am 100% sure of is that I'll definitely look back in the not too distant future and thank God for my time at LSE (not that I'm not already thanking Him though). I'm so certain that He has an expected end for me and it's good. But just because I'm not usually able to see the full picture most times, I get into doubts, fear and worry sometimes (I'm sorry about that, Dad). *Notice how I call Him Dad?, We cool like that, lol*

Away from Uni now, let me tell you about my personal life, grab your popcorn and fizzy drink (just imagine it's Orange Wednesday and you're at the cinema, it's Wednesday after all. You don't know what orange Wednesday is? Oh well, google is your buddy. Ok, I'll just tell you- it's 2 for 1 offer for cinema tickets on Wednesdays and it's available to those on Orange network). Anyway, back to my personal life, as I was saying... actually, there's nothing to say or maybe there is or is there really? I don't know,you tell me. Lol.
Nah, I kid, there's nothing to say (not right now anyway).

This is just me checking up on you and trying to find out how you are genuinely doing? Good, not so good? So go on, use the comments section and tell me how you are. You never know, I might be able to help or know someone who can. Enjoy the rest of your February, until I come your way again :)



  1. Good to have u checking n all d best in ur masters program... I am doing just fine n I am in d latter part of my master programs.. Just Project n its like I should rap it all up in a day n never return... Well outside academics, I am doing great n I have been enjoying my sweet life.... Enjoy d rest of febuary too.... Shalom


  2. People mostly say 'fine' because most times the person asking is just asking, not really because they want to know how they are doing. So, we don't like to bother going into long stories.
    It's great you are doing your Masters now! I know it feels sometimes like stress but erm, it will definitely pay off. Look at it from this angle; you'll get your Masters at a young age and from a great school. You are envied!
    I'm waiting for something right now and waiting is so annoying. Ugh. All sorts of things go on in my mind and I can NOT wait to get an answer. Too much doubt and fear; I find myself asking if I'm even good enough for it, sometimes I out-rightly tell myself I'm not good enough. Sigh, now that I'm saying it here, I HOPE and pray I come back to testify, so I will say it in full and not this half-baked gist I'm giving you.(This is me telling you how I am. lol)
    I hope this comment goes through though. I don't know if I've told you I have a hard time commenting on your blog especially from my phone? Because I do. So now I'm hoping this goes through. It's too long for it not to. Excuse my long story please, Tomi. Lol

  3. Thanks for your comments.
    @Goke, I feel you. lol @ wrap it up and never return. What's your Masters in, by the way? Good to know you're enjoying your sweet life.

    @Ife, Yea, I figured that must be the reason. We mostly just ask that question for formality sake. I totally get what you said about waiting being so annoying. I'm kind of in that phase right now as well. The doubts and everything just creeps up in our minds, fear steps in and faith steps right out and guess what? In the absence of faith, we're basically in sin (it's impossible to please God without faith). And you know what could be true? Maybe you really are not 'good enough' but you don't need to be good enough. His sufficiency is your sufficiency (2 Cor 3:5). This epistle is as much to you as it is to myself. I'm waiting for a few things to happen for me as well, but I just know He's got my back. I don't understand how He's going to work it out, but I know He will and He will definitely do so for you too.

    Here's the status that I wanted to put up on FB on Tuesday, but then decided against it. Maybe I didn't want to overs hare and feel so vulnerable. lol

    "Today has been such a day. Everything just seemed to be happening. It seemed like I was being drowned with challenges. I mean most of these things had been there, but it just seemed like they were all calling out my name at the same time. And so, I broke down and I cried. I cried mainly because I didn’t know if God’s hand was upon me, I cried because I did not know if He was going through these with me. I desperately needed answers from Him DIRECTLY. As tears rolled down my cheeks, the words of Lara George’s song which is an excerpt from the bible came to mind- ‘if He could care about the sparrow, I know He wouldn’t forget me’. I was still not satisfied and so, I was prompted to go read a status I had put up about a week ago. It reads “I have absolutely nothing to fear, greater is He that lives in me than He that lives in the world. God is with me always and I am with God. He has me engraved on the palm of His hands (this is amazing!). Anywhere He turns, I am still with Him.

    How can the God who cared enough about me to send His only Son to die for me, suddenly stop caring to meet my needs or suddenly become incapable of meeting my needs/wants? Impossible.

    I'll just sit tight and enjoy the ride as you take the wheel! I love you with all of me!!!”
    You can imagine what these words meant to me. I wasn’t necessarily looking for the challenges to go away instantly, I just wanted to know was that He was with me and that’s all I cared about. Now, I know and I press on."

    Just thought to share that with you. It's great when we can encourage each other, isn't it?

  4. I'm sad, depressed, scared, and alone

  5. @ Tomi Its a MBA ( strategic management n coperate governance).. .@ ife I await ur Testimonies soonest. God has always got our back no matter d condition but our human self causes us to worry.... I ask 4 strenght 4rm above 4 us all...


  6. Hi Tomi, thanks for checking up. I'm also in d waiting stage right now and sometimes I experience a rollar coaster of emotions. Somedays its like God is taking too long to show up or maybe He has forgotten me, but in all of these I am trying to trust Him that he knows best. Prov 3vs5 keeps going, to trust Him with all my heart . Its nice knowing, I'm not the only one who feels this way.

  7. It's wonderful that we can encourage each other. It also feels comforting, sort of, to know that I'm not alone. You know, I'm not alone in being scared. It's sometimes easy to think other people's lives are so perfect. Like you rightly said, I really am not good enough. We are so undeserving and yet, he colors our lives beautifully from time to time. I feel much more better than I did yesterday and this morning. Thank you for the encouragement! I also realized that I just could not praise God in good times alone, no no no. Even in challenging times, I thank God and spite the devil by doing that. Lol. When I somehow 'conquered' the negativity by reminding myself of the many things God has done and by trusting him, I told myself I had grown and I really have. The normal me, would have whined and whined at God and even sometimes ask him why I'm serving him or why I sometimes choosing good in the face of bad bla bla. But no, I didn't. I know now more than ever that I don't deserve all the grace and mercy and everything. Also, I don't want to love him or serve him only because of what he can do for me but mostly for who he is, the sovereign God. So, yes I've grown and I am thankful for even that. Thankful for new beginnings and for 2014!
    Thanks for the encouragement!
    Thanks, Goke for the kind words too. Amen.

  8. @Mimi, be rest assured God is with you. I'll speak to you more. I love you dear :)
    @Goke, Nice and amen
    @Mayowa, He definitely knows best and He's got your back
    @Ife, thank God for everything :)

  9. Waiting on God is the hardest thing one can do. Its hard but its Gods word that usually holds and anchors me. How are you doing is usually a rhetorical question we all ask ourselves with a lack of interest in the answer.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Eniola and yes, you're right, waiting on God can be really difficult, but it's worth it. Also, very valid point about 'how are you.' being a rhetorical question.




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