Sister Zoned? You're not Alone, Read my Story.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, the birds chirped happily, children played joyfully by the make shift playground opposite my house and I was all dressed ready to meet up with Segun- my long lost friend.

Back at Unilag, Segun and I were inseparable. I mean, being one of the few female students studying Mechanical Engineering meant that I had lots of guys around me all the time, but in the midst of them all, Segun had a special place in my heart. We were often teased about being an 'item' but we shoved it off. I was way too concerned with getting a first class at the time, so relationships were the last thing on my mind. But that was three years ago, the story is different now. I'm so ready for the next phase of my life. I've got the first class honours, the job to die for at Chevron, but no guy on the horizon. I'm so tired of being a professional bridesmaid. I can even vouch that I make the most visits to Bella Naija website, but only to look at the wedding section. This wedding fever is so bad that there's barely any guy I meet without wondering if he's "the one".

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