Sister Zoned? You're not Alone, Read my Story.

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday, the birds chirped happily, children played joyfully by the make shift playground opposite my house and I was all dressed ready to meet up with Segun- my long lost friend.

Back at Unilag, Segun and I were inseparable. I mean, being one of the few female students studying Mechanical Engineering meant that I had lots of guys around me all the time, but in the midst of them all, Segun had a special place in my heart. We were often teased about being an 'item' but we shoved it off. I was way too concerned with getting a first class at the time, so relationships were the last thing on my mind. But that was three years ago, the story is different now. I'm so ready for the next phase of my life. I've got the first class honours, the job to die for at Chevron, but no guy on the horizon. I'm so tired of being a professional bridesmaid. I can even vouch that I make the most visits to Bella Naija website, but only to look at the wedding section. This wedding fever is so bad that there's barely any guy I meet without wondering if he's "the one".

Anyway, so I met up with Segun at some Chinese Restaurant on the Island and it was exactly like old times- unending gist and loads of laughter (mehn, that guy is funny sha). But there was something else I noticed this time; his looks. Like seriously, how can someone be this ridiculously handsome and tall at the same time? Is that fair? Within two seconds of our date meet up, I had carefully placed him in the 'could be the one' folder and I even started drafting our 'how we met' story, all in my head of course.

We got really close, too close to be honest. Everything seemed perfect, I already knew his family, he knew mine, he was my plus one to my weekly bridesmaid duties (seriously, I should have been paid for that, it was like my part time job), he would listen to me rant about my job for hours (although I really loved it at Chevron, well let's be honest, it was the money) and he being in a similar but more senior role at Mobil would offer me lots of practical advice. We had been going steady like that for about three months, but yours truly wasn't 100% sure where she stood with him, so I spoke to Biola my bestie about it.

Biola had been married for ten months and theirs seemed like the perfect marriage, from the outside anyway. Biola adviced me to start dropping obvious hints and also try to get him jealous and right away it clicked, I had been giving him too much of my time yes, that was the problem I concluded. So for the next three weeks, my plan was to let him see less of me with the excuse that I was going on dates after which I'd happily gist him about the non-existent dates. O boy, this guy no wake up o, he'll happily listen and tell me who to consider going on a second date with. Chai!

As usual, I gisted Biola and she decided it was time to go into phase two of our operation. It was the confrontation stage, as Biola referred to it as. "Just sit him down and ask him straight up", Biola advised. I was so nervous, but I had to do it. It was the only way to get my wedding or rather our wedding featured on Bella Naija sooner rather than later. I had it all planned out. It was my birthday and he was taking me out to dinner after work. He picked me up as he had already told me not to drive to work, since he was going to be dropping me back home. On our way to dinner, I decided to check-in with Instagram. I hadn't had time to do it all day  as I had been particularly busy with work. Guess the first post I saw? It was a post dedicated to me from our beloved Segun and the caption read:

"You're more than a million friends wrapped in one, combined with the beauty of another one million. You're incredibly smart and talented, a great cook, if I must add (nothing beats your efo riro). Here's wishing you a lovely birthday, I love you now and always. P.S: we should totally get married, we're both single, right? Haha, nah! You're just like a sister to me"

What? This guy just "sister-zoned" me, but he could not even do it one-on-one, he had to do it on INSTAGRAM, like really? Just when I had concluded our wedding arrangements. Life can be so
And oh, you already guessed right, dinner was horrible. I completely lost my appetite.



  1. Lmao that was wronggggg.....instagram......why tease though??? Problem with women is they give too much of their time to those who don't deserve it. Its sad!

  2. Oooh I have no
    That instagram comment was going well until the last line...ouch

  3. Excellent write up, well done!
    She should not give up though, he may just be trying to find out how she feels about him, it may be his own way of dropping a hint to her.

  4. Thanks for reading everyone and thanks for taking out time to leave a comment.
    But they may be light at the end of the tunnel, you never

  5. LOOOOOl! This was a good one! Smh he was even telling her who to go on a second date with. UGH. Hahahaha. By the way, such people still end up together sometimes though. Needless to say, we want part two of this! :D

  6. @Ifeoluwa Olawole lool you took the words right out of my mouth! Nice one sis - more, more, more, moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  7. Hilarious.
    I don't think it was that serious tho. :|




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