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Sister-Zoned (Part 2)

Hi peeps,
Here's the conclusion to the sister-zoned story in my previous post. If you haven't read it yet, pls read it here before you read this. It would make more sense. And as usual, please drop a few words in the comments section. I love reading from you. xx

"Girl, are you kidding me, he wrote that? Gosh, this Segun guy is in a class of his own o."  Biola finished off. "Anyway, I'll look on the bright side, he's not interested abi? No wahala, at least I got to find out now. Better late than never" I consoled myself as I walked to my car and bade Biola goodbye.

The next few days were particularly difficult for me. I didn't realise how close and attached I had become to Segun and breaking the attachment so abruptly wasn't the easiest of things. I had to stop myself from texting him anytime I felt the urge to, which was every five minutes or so. Everything reminded me of him. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the tears. I couldn't even explain it. Why was I so emotional about this? We didn't break up, I mean we were never together, so why all these emotions? The fact that I couldn't place my hands on it frustrated me the more. After about two weeks of trying hard to avoid Segun, ignoring his calls and hardly replying his texts, I was finally going to see him. It was inevitable, I had to be at Laura's birthday dinner.

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