Sister-Zoned (Part 2)

Hi peeps,
Here's the conclusion to the sister-zoned story in my previous post. If you haven't read it yet, pls read it here before you read this. It would make more sense. And as usual, please drop a few words in the comments section. I love reading from you. xx

"Girl, are you kidding me, he wrote that? Gosh, this Segun guy is in a class of his own o."  Biola finished off. "Anyway, I'll look on the bright side, he's not interested abi? No wahala, at least I got to find out now. Better late than never" I consoled myself as I walked to my car and bade Biola goodbye.

The next few days were particularly difficult for me. I didn't realise how close and attached I had become to Segun and breaking the attachment so abruptly wasn't the easiest of things. I had to stop myself from texting him anytime I felt the urge to, which was every five minutes or so. Everything reminded me of him. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was the tears. I couldn't even explain it. Why was I so emotional about this? We didn't break up, I mean we were never together, so why all these emotions? The fact that I couldn't place my hands on it frustrated me the more. After about two weeks of trying hard to avoid Segun, ignoring his calls and hardly replying his texts, I was finally going to see him. It was inevitable, I had to be at Laura's birthday dinner.

It was Laura, my very good friend's birthday and her boyfriend, Sam was Segun's childhood friend, so yes, he was definitely going to be there as well. I got to the restaurant quite late, no thanks to Lagos traffic and everyone was already seated at the table. There was only one seat left, so I had to take it, albeit reluctantly as it was right opposite Segun's. The atmosphere around us was so tense and uncomfortable and I could see it in his eyes that he really wanted to talk to me, but I didn't want to have that 'talk'. I know he didn't like me in 'that way', but I did not want to hear him say it, neither did I want him to know how I felt about him, so I really had to avoid him.

As the evening progressed, people seemed to loosen up a bit more and everyone got talking. Prior to now, I had been so preoccupied with trying to avoid Segun that I did not notice that the guy sat right next to me had his eyes on me. At some point, I got up to use the ladies and on my way back, the guy seized the opportunity to talk to me. You know the usual 'you're stunning, can I get your number line'? Yea, that. At first I declined, but then I realised that he seemed to be the kind of guy that wouldn't mind spending the entire night trying to get my number and quite frankly, I didn't have the strength for it, so I succumbed and gave it to him. Just then, Segun walked past. He didn't seem pleased at all and next thing I knew, he walked right back and asked to speak to me when I had a moment. I should narrate the convo to you, but I honestly think it's more interesting if you read it yourself. Here it goes:

Segun: hey
Me: hey.
Segun: how have you been?
Me: good
Segun: okkkayyy...what's up with the one liners?
Me: what one liners? You asked a question, I responded.
Segun: look, I'll cut to the chase. I really don't know what's going on with you, you just switched off like that and if I remember correctly, it was after your birthday meal. Not picking my calls, avoiding me, not replying my texts. I don't know what's up with you and it's bothering me, it's bothering me real bad.

*As he said that, my heart sank. For a moment I almost blurted out 'you like me too', but thankfully I came back to my senses rather quickly. It wasn't so much about what he said, but how he said it. I could literally see the affection written all over him. But then, it occurred to me that the affection must have been from a brother to his 'sister'.*

Me: Look Segun, we got too close and I just needed my space.
Segun: okkkayyy, this is making no sense. We get on really well and we're pretty much best of friends and all of a sudden, this is a problem?
Me: Here's the thing, I just don't think it's very healthy to have such a close relationship with a guy who isn't my boyfriend or husband. Loads of people were beginning to think we were an item and it was scaring my male admirers off.
Segun: Exactly, I needed to scare them off. I don't want to share you with anyone else, you're too special to me.
Me: Yea right, as a sister abi?
Segun: What sister? Far from it. My feelings for you are far from sisterly. There's something special here and I want us to take it to the next level.
Me: but that Instagram post though? What's up with that?
Segun: that was my way of hinting marriage to you. It seemed to me like you only ever saw me as a 'brother', but I so desperately wanted more than that and so I figured if the word marriage and Segun came up in the same sentence, you'll start thinking of me in that light. It sounds silly, I know. But that was my thinking at the time. Oh wait, did you like me as well? Is that the real reason behind the acting up? Hahahaha.
Me: LOL. Stop laughing jor. Yes, I thought you 'sister-zoned' me and it broke my heart.
Segun: Awww, come here sweetie, I'll never do that to you. I love you too much for that. So are we official now?
I simply nodded with a huge grin on my face as he pulled  me into a warm embrace.
Segun: I want to spend the rest of my life with you babes.  I love you so much, it's crazy. This past two weeks have been horrible. Even my boss advised I take a break from work as I seemed 'distracted' as he put it.

*At this point, I was in shock. I couldn't believe it. The guy that I had spent the last two weeks crying over felt exactly the same way I do?*

"And this guy that you just gave your number to, he better not be calling you. Your boyfriend wouldn't like that" Segun said jokingly as he emphasised the word- boyfriend.


  1. Hahahahahaha I loveee happy endings....if only this was how it always happened in real life lol. Well done girl...

  2. Love it .You should have seen me reading it .I was literally glued to the screen of my computer for a minute.

  3. Awwww! I was just cheesing and grinning as I read it. Hahaha. I'm happy there was a great ending for them. Or should I say great beginning. lol

  4. Great finish. Cool Story. You're getting better!

  5. Thank you for all the lovely comments. Glad you enjoyed it :)

  6. Awwwww, this was sooo sweet..real life story or fiction? Either ways,awwww

  7. Thanks for reading everyone :)
    @ Frances, awww, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it, but no the short stories aren't real. Purely fiction.

  8. Tomi!!!! Write a book please!! I don't usually have much patience for blog fiction (I prefer personal ones) but I was hooked on yours.. Very real and love the twists as well *huge grin*.. I am sharing it with people now too lol xx

    1. Awww, thank you so much Ayo. This comment means a lot. A book? Well, you know,




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