In your twenties and still don't have your life figured out? Read this!

So you're done with University/College, you've even gone a step further and are on course for a Masters degree, but you still have no clue what you want to do afterwards? Fear not, you're not alone.

I know this because I've met people who are in their twenties and are not sure what they want to do. Some of them do have dreams of what they'll like to do, but the world stage doesn't seem to be set for them to make their grand entrance just yet. They are constantly faced with the fears and possibility of never achieving those dreams. As a matter of fact, the dreams seem so distant now that the likelihood of it being fulfilled in this lifetime seems almost non-existent.

In fact, let's take a step back, what if you don't even have a clue what you want to do at all and maybe you never have. You're reading about those who have dreams which seem so distant and you're thinking to yourself "I don't even have that". The future seems so bleak and the constant "so what's next?" you get asked every other day isn't helping matters, what do you do? I mean, what parent would like to hear that their  22 year old son is still clueless on what he wants to do with his life ; so you mumble something along the lines of  "I would like to start a career in investment banking'. But deep down, you know it's all lies.

So if that's you, here are my top five tips for what to do when you're in your twenties and you still don't have your life figured out.

1. Understand that you're not alone- You and I are certainly not the only ones who haven't got their whole  lives figured out yet. I know this because I've met other people like us and there are many more we are yet to meet. There are also people who are chasing jobs or are already in jobs/businesses they know they don't even want. It's not the life they want to live, but they've decided to make do (which is great, provided you don't settle in it permanently).

2. Stop beating yourself up over it- It's frustrating, I know. In fact, it's so embarrassing that you even find it difficult to admit it to yourself. You've spent all these time studying, trying to grow and mature and yet, it seems like you have nothing to show for it. It's okay, stop putting so much pressure on yourself. The fact that you finished with the best grades and attended the best educational institutions does not automatically translate to having your life figured out. Rather than beating yourself up, why not take the time to get to know yourself- your gifts, your talents, your likes/dislikes? Isn't that better use of time?

3. Pray- This is perhaps the best tip I can give you. Pray without ceasing, pray tirelessly, pray and pray again. Okay, I think I've repeated the word 'pray'enough, so I'll stop now..LOL. Here's the thing, God created you, knows you best and has a plan for your life. Yes, He does. The earlier you believe that, the earlier you can start your journey into a purpose-filled life. Even if you feel like you've wasted time at jobs you hate or studying for degrees you didn't enjoy, God can and will use those experiences and knowledge for your good. He's an expert at making something out of nothing.

4. Trust God- As you pray and God begins to reveal His purpose for your life and as you begin to have dreams (both day dreams and night dreams) about your ideal future, trust God. They may seem so big, actually they will seem so big that your mind can't comprehend how they will become realities, just trust God. Leave the 'how' to Him. Also, as you pray, understand that you may not receive the full picture, just begin to work on what He is already revealing to you and trust in Him to direct your paths.

5. Have fun and enjoy the 'now'- This is so vital. I don't want you to fall into the trap (or remain in the
trap) of those who are always looking forward to the future hence, fail to enjoy the now. Go out, have fun, meet people, read books, go on holidays (if you can afford it of course :D) and just genuinely have fun. Do whatever excites you and enjoy this present moment whilst planning for the future.

I know for fact that the 'twenties period/fresh out of uni' season of our lives can be quite daunting, exciting and anxiety-filled all at the same time. But I hope that with these few tips, you will be able to make the best out of it. Remember to take it one-step at a time, work with what you have now and stop building castles in the air (this in no way implies that you should not have faith).

Thanks for reading.
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