Are you Two-timing?

Before you read this, you should know I'm still a 'work-in-progress' myself and I'm definitely still working on some of these things. But the truth has to be said whether I'm comfortable with it or not.
1. You believe in saving sex till marriage because the bible commands it, but yet, you’re comfortable watching TV shows, movies and music videos that openly practice and promote these very things that the bible preaches against.

2. You don’t curse or swear because you strongly believe that as a Christian you shouldn’t, but yet, you’re very comfortable listening to songs that are filled with such profanity.

3. You dress modestly at all times because you know your body is the temple of the Holyspirit, but yet you have no issues complementing your friends and celebrities on social media who are pretty much naked.

4. You believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the light and you believe He is the only way to an eternity with God, but yet you are comfortable being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t share the same beliefs as you do.

5. You say you love the Lord deeply and you say He comes first in your life, but yet you are comfortable with giving him just 2 hours in your seven-day week. The two hours is the time spent in church, by the way.

6. You say you love the Lord with all your heart, soul and mind, but you ignore the fact that loving Him means obeying His commandments which includes preaching the gospel to every creation.

So check yourself, are you really sold-out to Him or are you just two-timing and picking and choosing?


  1. Hey Tomi of life.. I am ecstatic that you are back... But Bubba, this post ehhnnn... I dont quite agree with it oh. See ehn lemme tell you why. Baby mi, Humans are different oh, and we all have a different level of faith. There are ways that I love GOD, that is solely based on my experience and my walk with him, that might differ TOTALLY from the points above. That i am not celibate, or that i Curse or that i do something doesnt mean I love Papa less nah Tomi. :( I know that even as you put this up, you knew that not everyone would support it. I believe that the major thing is that you Love GOD with all your heart, and then you will have a level of understanding with him. I am Sorry Bubba, but i do not totally accept this post Tomi :( But hey, i see it as a Huge opportunity to learn, so i am open to response. :)

    1. Hey Duru, thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment :)

      I agree that we all have different levels of faith and different levels of initi,act with God, however, that does not mean that you knowingly go against His Word and think it's ok with Him or 'He understands' as we commonly say.

      Loving God isn't just what we say with our lips without acting out. Even Jesus said in John 14:15, that 'if you love me, keep my commandments', in other words, act it out, don't just say it.

      Let's even see this from our human relationships- you have a wife and you claim you love her, but yet, you're unfaithful to her, does that show you love her? How much more God?

  2. Oh! Tomi my sincere apologies.. I got thh notification of your reply long ago (Yep! I have subscribed to your Blog :)) But i have been trying to survive.. **Whispers being a 22 years 9 months old Big ambitious Dreamer is a full time BIG job you know?

    My point is Tomi, the line you drew above is too demanding... Everyone for sure loves GOD in their own way, but doing any of the above Bubba, doesn't mean me love Papa less. I can so relate with the Wife analogy you drew above. Okay see I just met some one, and she knows to her heart that I am a Flirt, but that i do CERTAIN THINGS in her absence, doesn't mean i love her less, hence after i do things, i always confess to her. lol.. My point is, we all will fall Tomi, but its the ability to recognize that we owe it to GOD to not do ALL of the above, and then pretend that we didn't do it that matters. So when we fall, we should show him we love him regardless, by doing RIGHT.

    I for one believe in Loving GOD in your own way, and not the way described by another man, love him as you understand him, and love your fellow man as well, cause as we do to others, we do to GOD.

    Thank you for replying Tomi, i always love to be inspired by young people, and **whispers your reply did a lot of inspiring eh.. moving on.. **Wears Straight Face.. You haven't been on the Young and Confused Blog since July Tomi, Yep I have been counting. :( Thats so not fair na Baby mi.. **Crying in French. Cheers Bubba. Plus Hey we want a New Post oh Tomi... Picks up Placard. Post! Post!!! Post!!!!!

  3. **sad Face... :( :( :( no! Correction.. Sad facesss.... :( :( :( :( We miss you oh Tomi. Walks away with head dropped down...

  4. Dear Tomi,

    We miss you.


  5. Merry Christmas Tomi, wishing you the very best Bubba Cheers.

  6. Well....definitely a post that tells a difficult truth.

    Thanks for sharing




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