That Thing Called Low Self-Esteem

Hey everyone, this post is about something a lot of us have struggled with or still struggle with. It's low self esteem. Please read, learn from it, leave comments and share.

By the way, did you notice what I did there? I went straight into the topic, totally ignoring the fact that I haven't blogged for months and hoping you wouldn't realise. Well, I think it worked, so let's continue :D

Low self esteem is so rampant and I've also been a victim of it in the past.  For me, I never used to feel good enough. I felt like I could never really measure up to other people in my age group. They just seemed to have it all and I didn't or so I thought. I remember going for a friend's birthday over 3 years ago and I was just not comfortable. The issue was my friend was attending Imperial College at the time and as a result, most people in attendance were from Imperial as well. I on the other had just finished from a University no where near as glamorous or as good as that. As a result, I couldn't really flow well with everyone. I just thought they were all better than me and it really affected my confidence. 

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