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Can I be Honest with you?

Note: This post isn't about whether or not secular music is bad. It's simply about the change I was noticing in myself :)

Let me be honest, over the past weeks, I came to realise that my priorities changed. I was beginning to fill my heart with more and more of worldly things. Normally, I rarely listen to secular music, but I noticed that in the past weeks it became very frequent. I even went as far as buying one of such songs on iTunes. Now, for someone who has no secular songs on her phone, this is clearly a big deal. In as much as these songs weren't particularly bad, they weren't edifying to say the least.

I realised that my appetite for the things of God was beginning to wane. Of course, in my head I was trying to rationalise these things, but I knew I was getting on a somewhat dangerous path. It wasn't only in the are of music that changes were occurring. I also didn't have as much desire to be with God any more. 

The thing about backsliding is that it doesn't just happen at once. It occurs in stages. So for me, I went from listening to secular songs sporadically to listening to it everyday to buying it.

The good news however is that I'm getting back to that place of intimacy with God again and I'm glad about that. It's a great place to be and I never want to leave again for several reasons. One of which is the fact that I don't really have the luxury of playing 'hot and cold' with God as the time is short and souls are perishing daily. So I need to be constantly depopulating the kingdom of darkness. The devil isn't playing, he is on a roll and constantly working hard to make sure his kingdom is populated. He has no days off, so why should I?

Christianity is a full-time job and there are 'no days off'. I had to look at my 'job description' (Bible) to be reminded of this.

So check yourself, is your heart still right with God?

1 Corinthians 10:12- "So let the one who thinks he is standing be careful that he does not fall."

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You Mean More to Him

For a lot of people, before they became Christians, they looked up to some Christians and felt they could never measure up to them. The said Christians seemed to have it all together, they looked so holy and it looked like God must have been extremely pleased with them.

However, one thing we did not realise was that we meant more to God than they did at the time. Here's what I mean. Jesus makes us understand in Luke 15 that He came for sinners. Using a parable, He explained that He would leave ninety-nine others just to the find the 'one' that was lost and there's more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine people who do not need repentance. I just find that to be very amazing and sweet.

Now guess what? If you're still lost (haven't accepted Jesus into your heart), He feels exactly the same way about you as well. He would choose you over others who do not need to repent. You mean more to Him. The amazing thing about God is that He never holds our sins against us, once we repent and let them go, He let's them go too. But the devil keeps trying to hold us back from going to God by using those very sins to keep us in guilt and condemnation. Those sins that God is in a hurry to forget.

All you need to do now is go to God just as you are. Take the broken pieces of your heart, the pains, the burdens, the sins and everything, roll them over to Him, He cares! Quit trying to be a better person all by yourself. You'll fail miserably. You've tried it over and over again. Let go and let God.

I love you dearly :)

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Readers' Mail: Should I give in?

'Readers' Mail' is a new segment on this blog where I respond to messages/questions from blog readers.

The aim is to provide wise, godly counsel in love. So if you have any questions or issues that you're facing and you've been struggling to find someone to speak to about it, here's your chance :)

Send me an email on tomilolalawal@gmail.com or send me a message on any of my social media platforms if you have it. Please indicate if you would like to be anonymous.



"Hey Tomi,

How do you cope in the dating world and being a christian? I mean not letting go of your beliefs?

The thing is there is this guy who claims he is a dope christian but sex or living together is a must for him. Even though I said no, but this guy is cute!!! The guy was trying to play it in such a way that I will be begging for it later and it seems like everyone is getting married and so on and voila, I don't even have a toaster*.

Do you think there's anything like a 21st century christian?


*Suitor, admirer

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