You Mean More to Him

For a lot of people, before they became Christians, they looked up to some Christians and felt they could never measure up to them. The said Christians seemed to have it all together, they looked so holy and it looked like God must have been extremely pleased with them.

However, one thing we did not realise was that we meant more to God than they did at the time. Here's what I mean. Jesus makes us understand in Luke 15 that He came for sinners. Using a parable, He explained that He would leave ninety-nine others just to the find the 'one' that was lost and there's more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine people who do not need repentance. I just find that to be very amazing and sweet.

Now guess what? If you're still lost (haven't accepted Jesus into your heart), He feels exactly the same way about you as well. He would choose you over others who do not need to repent. You mean more to Him. The amazing thing about God is that He never holds our sins against us, once we repent and let them go, He let's them go too. But the devil keeps trying to hold us back from going to God by using those very sins to keep us in guilt and condemnation. Those sins that God is in a hurry to forget.

All you need to do now is go to God just as you are. Take the broken pieces of your heart, the pains, the burdens, the sins and everything, roll them over to Him, He cares! Quit trying to be a better person all by yourself. You'll fail miserably. You've tried it over and over again. Let go and let God.

I love you dearly :)



  1. **deep sigh... Tomi.. Okay see ehn.. I love GOD very welll... I pray wellllll... Asin i love him verrrrryyy welll.. and BABA knows... But it feels too hard to live the life that you guys live.. i mean.. The No sin.. No alcohol no women et al.. You know that thing that whether it was Paul or Peter said.. in the new Testament... No i think it was Paul.. the line that went "That which i dont wanna do yeah, i find myself doing.." (Paraphrased) Truth is.. I can picSHur it in my head living right and staying away from sin like y'all do, but I fear that life will lose its flavor if i do... **Whispers.. Shey you see nah Ms. Tomilola.. Ayam coming out plane on ya blog.. and soing examination of conscience.. **covers face.. Tomi to me its just hard living like you guys do.. I tried it for a while... But sin is just a part of me.. Heaven help us... Nice post bubba.. :)

    ...And that is how Tomi be giving omolomo guilty conscience up and down ba.. **Smiles.. Its all good though.. Cheers.

    1. Hey Duru, thanks for stopping by.

      Thank you for being very honest and transparent all the time. Those are really great qualities

      You keep saying 'like y'all do' as though we are a special kind of creation, truth is we are not. We (Christians) are just people that have been saved grace and people that have decided to accept God's love. You have a completely opposite view of what Christianity is. I can deduce this from what you said about life losing it's flavour.

      Having a personal relationship with God is not boring at all. It's amazing!!! It really is.

      Sin is a part of you? That's because you've chosen to make sin a part of you. By your own strength, yes you will fail, but with the Holy Spirit, you can be free from sin.

      At the end of the day, every one has to make a choice. I just pray it wouldn't be too late for you.

      By the way, I'm not the one giving you guilty conscience. Maybe it's the Holy Spirit convicting you. Don't fight Him off :)

  2. Great thoughts and perspective, thanks for sharing!

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