How I found out my Purpose

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Today's post is in response to what a friend asked me about knowing God's will/purpose for our lives. Considering that I am not particularly a guru in this area, I have decided to write from my own experience, with the hope that you can learn from mine and maybe share yours as well. That way, we get to learn from each other. So here we go.

When I began having a personal relationship with God in February 2010, one of the two questions that was always on my mind was 'what is my purpose? Why am I here?', the second being 'how do I hear God?' I can't remember accurately, but I must have prayed about this quite frequently, but with no answer as such. However, one night, as I read my bible, there was a particular verse that I really loved, but I didn't take note of it as I read and so I forgot where it was. I asked the Holy Spirit to remind me and just like a thought in my mind, He said it (Matthew  10:27). I was so excited! That was the first time I could confidently say I heard God speak to me. What I didn't realise at the time was that this was the first piece to the puzzle on finding out my purpose.
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Much Ado about Age?

So today’s discussion is about age difference in a relationships.

Is there a recommended age difference for couples in a relationship? Is there an age when you think it becomes too old or too young? Have you ever had that? What was your experience like?

For ladies, is it okay to be in a relationship with someone who is younger? Have you ever been in
that kind of relationship? What was your experience like or what’s it like if it’s still on going?

For the guys with someone who was or who is younger, what’s your experience like?

Is age really that big a deal?

Please leave your comments below, let's discuss!
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