How I found out my Purpose

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Today's post is in response to what a friend asked me about knowing God's will/purpose for our lives. Considering that I am not particularly a guru in this area, I have decided to write from my own experience, with the hope that you can learn from mine and maybe share yours as well. That way, we get to learn from each other. So here we go.

When I began having a personal relationship with God in February 2010, one of the two questions that was always on my mind was 'what is my purpose? Why am I here?', the second being 'how do I hear God?' I can't remember accurately, but I must have prayed about this quite frequently, but with no answer as such. However, one night, as I read my bible, there was a particular verse that I really loved, but I didn't take note of it as I read and so I forgot where it was. I asked the Holy Spirit to remind me and just like a thought in my mind, He said it (Matthew  10:27). I was so excited! That was the first time I could confidently say I heard God speak to me. What I didn't realise at the time was that this was the first piece to the puzzle on finding out my purpose.

I continued praying about it and then one night, I was feeling down. I felt like my spiritual life was stagnant, nothing was going on. I was just there and all of a sudden, for the first time, I saw a connection between two scriptures I had gotten. The first being Matt 10:27 and the second being Isaiah 50:4.The second scripture was from a friend to me some time back. In that moment, the light bulb came on and I saw how similar both verses were. I kept both verses and carried on praying for a better understanding and more clarity, because at that point, it was still very vague to me.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact timeline of events and I can't give specific dates, but the next thing that happened was while I was in church one day. I was just dancing during a thanksgiving service and out of nowhere, the word 'youth' or 'youth ministry' (I'm not too sure which word it was) came to me. That made it quite clear to me.

I carried on living life and getting to know God more and over a year after that church incidence, my Pastor spoke to me and the summary of our conversation that day was that he had been praying to God about having a 'youth minister' and I kept coming to mind. For me, the word he used 'youth minister' was a confirmation of what I had heard many months ago.

If I were to describe this as a Business Model using the 'Who, what, how' jargon in business, here's what it would look like. By the way, a business model in a layman's term is a very simple way of describing your business.

Who: Youths
What: Whatever He tells me (Matt 10:27)
How: Ongoing

The 'How' which in this scenario means how I will speak whatever He tells me to youths is an ongoing process. It's not something I really know or understand yet. However, what I'm realising is that with a God given purpose, it's not just about getting to the destination. It's also about how we get there, the paths, the routes and all of that. So when God is showing you and telling you about the purpose for your life, it's not just about getting there. You've got to be willing to go His way as well. You're going to have to go through the routes He wants you to go through.

For me, I'm not too sure of my 'how', it's an ongoing process. This whole process of finding out my purpose and walking in it has been ongoing for over 5 years now. I'm sure I do not know the extent of it yet, but I'm trying to take it one day at a time. To be honest, it wasn't until last year September that I really said 'yes' to His purpose. Subconsciously, I had been battling with it and I wasn't very willing to go all the way.

By the way, are there times when you feel so far away from your purpose? I mean you have an idea what it is, but you feel so far away from it and you don't know how it's going to happen? I kind of feel that way now :(

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this and learnt a thing or two? Please share your experiences with me as well.

P.S: This post makes me feel a little bit vulnerable, I feel like I shared too much on something that mean a lot to me and somewhat quite personal. Oh well. there you have it :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this Tomi. This is certainly something many people currently have difficulties relating to. The concept of hearing from God and identifying purpose as easy as you make them is something we all desire but yet unreceived. I've been at a point in time in my life when I felt awesome hearing from Him and seeing clearly what he had in stock for me. As time went on Sin, set in and muddled both the hearing and the seeing. Although I still ran with what I heard previously, deep down in me I knew there was an emptiness. Thank God for grace and mercy. In summation I'll just say there is a relationship between the state of our hearts and the scope of what we hear and see for ourselves. While our righteousness is as filthy rags, it yet remains a key need for us to stay righteous to stay in synch with the spirit.

    1. Hi Santachronicles.
      Yes, I think you're right. There is a correlation between the state of our heart and being in sync with the Spirit. Many times, I feel so far away from God because of sin. This doesn't mean He is not with me, because He has promised to never leave me or forsake me (Heb 13:5). However, sin just has a way of creating a barrier and making it harder for us to hear God.

      Thank you fro reading.

  2. Vulnerable?! Really Tomi!! heheheh Nope! and i must say this without mincing words.. This is one of my bestEST posts yet on LightHouse(The Blog).. and It has teh crod going FFffffiiinnnaaalllyyy we get a peek into Tomi's head.. heheheh **Wears Evil grin... So Hiya Back at you...All week yeah, i have been listening to a song by Hillsong.. me i didnt down load it oh... My elder sister is the pastor in the house.. She can like to Pray and she is a real Spirikoko like that... :) So she stocked the MP3 with many Christian and Hillsong Tracks and since i haf inherited the MP3 from her.. **Winks I haf to listen to them all when on when connected and on Random play.. So this week, the Theater played a track 77 and it went "Spirit lead me where my heart is without boarders.. lemme walk upon the waters... " Something like that.. My Apologies I know Wizkid's lyrics a bit more **Covers face.. But my point is this.. Our mission is a continuous search.. I dont think we ever really get to know the entire reason WHY we are here... So have i found my calling?! **Scratches Confused due to be relaxed hair... Mehn Tomi i cant say No and I cant say YES with 100 percent assurance.. But i cant say "It seems like".. But i know i have found me a reason to be happy... To put smiles on the faces of another.. To learn and to grow Bubba.. And if what makes me feel what i feel isnt my calling.. I will keep growing and searching...

    Now I am no Spirikoko oh, but I can pray for Africa.. I like to see it as me and GOD have a special mutual understanding.. and he speaks to me wella.. I mean in the midst of my confusions, woman wrapperness and craziness.. He is still here.. heheheh You need to see my Room door.. Everything GOD has promised me is on there.. and All his ghen ghen Duru dont do this. They are all on there...

    In my 23 years 6 months and 6 days old Young and utterly confused life yeah.. aYam learning that Christianity is really about having a mutual understanding with the father.. And to me it is something that goes in the line of.. "Dear papa.. I know i am a sinner.. But you know I love you loads still..." Inshort me and GOD are good peoples dasaall :) .. and that he doesnt condemn me in the midst of my wahala lifestyle makes me love him more.. but shall we continue to live in sin that grace may abide?! hehehehehe It is well.. Thank you Tomi...

    P.S: Kai you can know how to make me come out bare and naked on your blog for states shhhhhaaaa... hehehe one literally loose control on here when commenting.. It is well oh! :) iLikey... Cheers.

    1. Lol Duru. Thank you for taking our time to write this.

      Lol @ you know Wizkid's lyrics more. By the way, thanks for tagging me in that picture on your blog. I can't believe you have all that written on your door.

      Still pondering on what you said about you're not sure we will ever fully know why we're here. Hmmm

      It's great that God continues to be faithful to us, even in our unfaithfulness. But we don't want to take His grace for granted by continuing in sin, do we? :)

    2. Ahan nah! Tomi! ya af come and goan start again oh! Dont do this nah.. Dont go MIA again.. :(

    3. Lol Duru.
      It's not that. I'm trying to write only when I'm inspired to write. I don't wan to put myself under pressure write.

    4. Aight Bubba... I totally understand... We your disciples will always be here waiting for your ever inspiring and full of wisdom posts... From till then... Do stay happy Tomi. Cheers...

  3. Adolphus almost personalized d whole post wiv her Nice one tho. N yh understanding does matter a lot. Well Madam Tomi I must say tanks for opening up n shedding light on dis topic. I had a near experience to wot u had to. Wasnt dancing tho...was praying n along d line said something dat sounded strange to me...ama give u details later. N it kept ringing in my head. To d extent dat whenever I go down on my knees to pray dats d order of d day. And d aspect of hearing is well! Never rili heard stuffs like "My son!" Or "Tunde! Tunde!! Tunde!!!" Buh situations n circumstances av bn a channel which He used. I remember once wen I was pressed wiv d topic of hearing from God, I remember walking home from digging deep dat nite n talking to God...dere wasn't any response tho. Buh on getting home I saw a book on my bed "How to hear from God" n I was puzzled, my broda had dropped it dere. For a while it was like dat, stuffs just happened in response to my heart desires. Buh some pipo say we grow into d audible voice of God...dunno about dat cos av definitely not grown into dat level. Tank u once again our youth minister.

    1. Duru is actually a guy :)

      But that's pretty cool, in reference to your brother dropping that book on your bed. God's super cool like that.

      Same here, I don't think I've ever heard God audibly. Soon though, amen! I don't really think it's about growing into it. I think it just works differently for different people. For example Saul's (Paul) first encounter with God was through His audible voice. He definitely didn't grow into it.

  4. Great post. Inspiring. Good to know you have the "Who" figured out at least. Not many people can say that.

    1. Thank you CJ for stopping by and reading this :)

  5. The day a man discovers his purpose is the most important day of his life! From then on, he knows what to accept and what to refuse, he knows where he ought to be and where he ought know, most importantly he gets a clearer picture on who to carry on as a life partner. I can relate to what you feel Tomi, I'm glad you shared this.. Vulnerable??... well No, you have only made yourself more committed to the purpose cos every time you read this, it would always strike something in you and check how far you have gone with it. God bless you Tomi, you are truly a blessing to our generation!

    1. You're so right about everything you said Tunji.

      Awww, thank you so much and Amen! This comment made me smile :)

  6. Hi Tomi, I finally made it to your blog, and this post was so inspirational. You may feel you have been vulnerable, but if there's one thing I know: 'we impact lives when we share our stories (our life)'.

    You have touched this soul. I leave your blog with this understanding: 'That I know who I am, what I am supposed to do, when I am supposed to do what; when I keep knowing God'. In knowing God, I find my true purpose.

    Keep shining, Tomi. I will be back to read more.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you liked it.

      Come back soon :)




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