Much Ado about Age?

So today’s discussion is about age difference in a relationships.

Is there a recommended age difference for couples in a relationship? Is there an age when you think it becomes too old or too young? Have you ever had that? What was your experience like?

For ladies, is it okay to be in a relationship with someone who is younger? Have you ever been in
that kind of relationship? What was your experience like or what’s it like if it’s still on going?

For the guys with someone who was or who is younger, what’s your experience like?

Is age really that big a deal?

Please leave your comments below, let's discuss!


  1. I guess age is just a number for lots of people, and of course we all know age does not equal maturity. However, age like other cultural factors play a huge role in relationships. For instance, personally I just feel a guy my age or younger is probably too immature for me. I just don't like the idea, but that's me and that does not make it wrong. Maybe if I'm 30 I could date my agemate, but now I just can't. On general rules for age difference, I doubt there are any. In the end though, age isn't a deal breaker for many, its just one of those things. Lol. Personally though, I won't date someone younger (except this person is particularly exceptional or I get desperate lmao). Just kidding but yeah, I prefer someone older

    1. Lol @ getting desperate.

      Yes you're right, age doesn't equal maturity. I know a Pastor in America who is 28 or so (you probably know him too), he's married. But the first time I found out his age, I was so shocked. My mind just couldn't understand it. If I was told he's 40, I would have believed it quite easily.

      Also, I think as people grow older, age becomes less important, in a way and I also think the maturity level between girls and guys begins to even out in the mid - late twenties.

      Thanks for reading dear :)

  2. **rubs palms togeRRa... then **Wears mischievous smile... heheheh So first off.. the topic to this post made me smile like a fish and then go.. Oooooosssshhheeey.. Turn uP! heheheh So does Age matter Tomi?! Hell yeah! and then most definitely No!! **Deep sigh... You see ehn... in my 23 years 5 months 21 days young and utterly confused head yeah.. I for one think it all boils down to the purpose of the relationship.. i mean if both parties are willing to do stuff for Fun.. then maybe it doesnt matter.. but if it is for marriage.. Ah Bubba!! it matters oh!! You see me ehn.. Hian! i cannot come and go and date a woman someboRRy that is older than me with an intention of marriage oh! my father wiHH just kihh me hehehe.. i think if i was in Obodo Onyibo... yes. But here in Nigeria! nahhh...

    On a more serious note ehn Bubba.. plus having that i am a strong believer in the #PURSEsuitofHappYness.. I think it all boils down to both parties in the relationship... If they are happy togeRRa regardless the age gap, and if both of them are willing to go all in.. then please by all means "age is just a number".... However, if i was to date a lady older than i, (which i will still soon do with a prime intention of gathering experience **(Wears Evil grin) the Age gap must not sha be more than 3 years, if not that one has turned to Babysitting sesion and not marriage oh.. :)

    Nice one Tomi.. i am loving the blog more and more daily.. And the crowd goes.... Go Tomi Go Tomi Gooo :)

    1. I think you're right, it largely boils down to the parties involved. If they're both happy with it, then I guess that's fine.

      By the way, you said you'll still date someone older for experience? Hmmn, what exactly will this experience be used for? This is actually giving me an idea of what my next discussion could be :) So I guess I could say 'thank you for that'. Don't worry, you'll see the discussion if I eventually post it.

      Thank you very much. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I pray you learn positive things each time.

    2. Hiya Tomi toh Sure.. How are you?! Okay! So i was doing my Blog rounds yeah.. aaaannnd i found this post:

      It was a fun read Aswear.. and i think you will like it... Please check it out if you can Tomi.. Pretty please.. **Wears Puppy face... :)

    3. Thank you very much Duru.

      I just read it. I loved it!

  3. Many times, females aged twenty six and below tend to act more maturely than their male counterpart (Agree?)
    But the maturity kindof evens out above that age, so dating a younger guy when you are twenty eight shouldn't really be a big deal if the guy is just a couple of years younger than you.

    It gets even easier when a lady is above thirty years old. Then she could even date a guy three years younger than her and they wouldn't really notice the age difference.

    However I'd think an age difference of five years or more is a little bit too much. It would be as though they are from two different generations but again, that's just my personal opinion.

    1. I quite agree with almost everything you've said. Keyword being 'almost'

  4. Age is nothing but a number. Having said that, love is everything as long as there are two consenting adults. Key word here: Adults.

    1. Thanks for reading blogoratti.
      Yes, I agree, they have to be two consenting adults.




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