How I Overcame the Fear of Falling

Music Credit:
No Grey- Jonathan McReynolds
Igwe- David Omodunmiju



  1. Hello, that was a really interesting piece. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh Tomi! I wish you knew how much I needed this.. The choices I make and don't make just weight me down a whole lot.. **Takes off wrist watch.. You said a lot of things in this video that made me literally feel like "oh! She is talking to me.." I guess in Time Tomi.. I will either outgrow or learn to not do the things that make me feel less afterwards.

    How do i overcome the Fear of Success?! Simple Nne.. GOD has taught me to not care if I succeed or fail.. But to only Focus on If I do or do not do.. dasalll..

    Aight Bubba. Cheers.. And Thank you for doing this.. Plusssss You are a great Orator.. an amazing one sef for that maRRer.. You do know that ba?! and the crowd goess.. Yeaaaahh mehn!

    1. Hey Duru,

      Thank you for watching this. I'm glad it was a timely piece for you.
      Don't let sin or bad choices you've made weigh you down anymore. Stand up, pick yourself up and move on. Read Isaiah 1:18, it's very comforting.

      I'm a great orator? Yayy, thank you. That's really nice to hear :)

    2. Thanks Bubba.. Just read it.. Thank you :) You Rock Mega Tomi.. Cheers.

    3. Oh Tomi.. We miss you.. :(

    4. Hiya Tomi toh Sure.. Toh Fine.. Toh Smart ju Einstein lo :), I know ya probably gonna kill me for this.. Buttttt.. **Scratches head... We nominated you for the "SisterHood of the world Award" on the Young and Confused gang. :) Please nne.. I beg you in the name of HB pencil.. Dont ask me how i got nominated :( heheheheh.. Although my kweSHions are utterly confused nne.. I would be humbled beyond speakable words if you took up the challenge Tomi.. Pretty please?!

      Kindly see the link here...




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