Love made Him do it- What will love make you do?

It ceased being about you and your comfort the day you gave your life to Him.
You were bought with a price and you no longer do things as your flesh dictates.
And no, it's not slavery, it's submission.

Submission to a greater authority and a greater power.
Submission to the One you now serve and bow to.
Submission to His desires and instructions.
Submission to the One who is love.

Love made Him give His only Son as ransom for your life.
Love drove Him to the cross to nail your death and give you life.
Love made Him abandon His royal life for a while, just so you could be reconciled back to the Father.
Love made Him put you first before His comfort in the Kingdom of His Father.

So the next time you're tempted to stick to your comfort zone at the expense of those He sent you to, think again.
What would Jesus do?


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